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3 Jun

Sometimes, an extra rest day may be the blessing in disguise to the stronger, faster, find-the-hulk-in-you tomorrow.

xo Shinna


Check out my feature on Livefitter.com!

25 May


I am honored to be featured on Livefitter’s ‘Everyday heroes’ section as they tell my story! 🙂
Check out their beautiful webpage and my story at http://livefitter.com/shinna-lim.

xo Shinna

27 Feb

Push yourself till you can’t go any further.

And then go further.

xo Shinna

23 Feb

What matters isn’t the distance you clocked nor the time you lasted,

 your greatest accomplishment,
is getting your ass off the couch.

Keep at it, and you will get there.

xo Shinna