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31 Jan

You can’t change where you came from,

What you were given,

Or who you were.

But you can change where you end,

What you become,

and who you are.

xo Shinna

10 Dec

Source: workitoutfierce.tumblr.com

7 Nov

You are the runner, the judge, the time-keeper, the starter,
You are the torch-bearer of your own race.

What they see, is the end product of hours and hours of immense work in the gym and mental endurance.
But the real process of it all, is beyond the imagination of your spectators.

You’re by yourself and no one is watching.
The voice in your head tells you to stop.
You push harder.
You overcome your limits and set new boundaries.

You are your biggest enemy.

Do it for yourself.
And once you get that into your head,

The sky’s the limit. 

xo Shinna

Mind over Body.

10 Oct

Mind over Body.

Willpower over Procrastination.

Sometimes, we gotta let the ego take control and beat that inferiority complex into pieces.

xo Shinna

What Women love and Men prefer.

17 Sep

Disclaimer: The following entry is based on a personal fweeeling, holds no absolute truth to any or every individual’s preference or liking.

Women love…..

Women like guys who Feel just right. When we place our hand on you, your skin feels warm and taut…….We wanna feel protected and the tensing of the muscles gives us a sense of security. (Abs are kinda important………..Okay fine the whole deal)
On another level, we know this guy is disciplined because he bothers to keep himself fit and active. He cares about how he looks, so you wouldn’t have to worry about letting your friends meet him for the first time. 🙂

Personally, I’m not a fan of men who are too bulky, its kinda scary. Unless you’re a bodybuilder, i think you’re spending an unhealthy amount of time in the gym.
You don’t want to be too scrawny either…… chances are, your lady will be bigger than you and None of us like that.

click to enlarge picture

Men prefer…..

According to shinnalim.com’s research and statistics, men prefer women who are fit and feminine. Period.
(They’re all about visuals, talk what feeling?!) LOL.

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Anyway, just as i was looking for pictures i came across this….

I bet every woman who has watched The Proposal remember this part. 😛

And to be fair…..


Sorry, got a little carried away. 😛

xo Shinna

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Have you been slacking?!

6 Sep

Don’t pretend ‘tomorrow tomorrow ok’.. 

K i’m all stinky and sweaty now.

xo Shinna

Eating disorders.

4 Sep

Being on a diet means that we’re following a selection of food choices.
But more often than not, when we say we’re on a diet, its more like we’re starving, rather than eating anything at all.
If I could turn back the clock and be a little nicer to myself, i would have valued myself more no matter what my body is.
Of course truth’s the truth’s, we all love being thin.
But who we are doesn’t change when we get fitter or just a little chubbier.

We think that we’ll be happy and satisfied when we reach our ‘goal weight’.
That happiness never comes.
Obviously just like everyone else, I dismissed that thought when someone brings it up.

Then i realized, you can’t have someone tell you that, you gotta have to go through it before you fully comprehend what we mean when we say,

Enough is never Enough.

Where’s the ecstatic jumping for joy reaction that i long anticipated i would have?
You’ll continue to find more faults with yourself, until and only until we find peace with our body.

Get Over Yourself. (Get the two meanings?)

Its okay, i love you even when you don’t look perfect. We will work on it and get better. For myself, and because i want to be healthy, and not for the peer pressure that is telling me i’m not good enough.

If you’re:

Skipping meals, only drinking water, drooling at your friends’ food and convincing yourself that it will all pay off once the spare tyre around your tummy and love handles shed off.
You’re having a eating disorder and you need to stop.
Is it really the logical thing to do? Would you tell someone else who wants to lose weight, to do that?

Make baby steps to changing your lifestyle.
Eat an apple after breakfast, Add an extra serving of veggie during lunch, remove fried food from dinner.
Removing a huge chunk of food off your diet is not sustainable.
Be selective of what you eat and eat more of it rather than skipping meals and deprive your body from the good stuff. Trust me, it will backfire.

Don’t make drastic changes that your body can’t adapt to when you start a diet.
E.g. If you’ve been waking up at 12nn since thelastyoucanremember,
and you force yourself to get up at 6am for the next 7 days,
you’re gonna be the one hell of a pms-ing bitch.
Unless, you make little adjustments slowly, like waking up at 11, then 10 then 9.
You’ll still reach there, right?

Embrace the change your body is put through.
Over the years, our body will change because of age, metabolism, stress, pregnancy and many other things and thus,
we will never always be a certain size.

Value yourself and not just your body.
Be what you are, and not let what you are, be you.

The new Demi Lovato who just came out on her eating disorder, looking great and loving it. 🙂

Source: selenagomezhot.com

xo Shinna