With every sweat, you’re one step closer.

7 May

20120507-194931.jpgOperation Bloodshed: Day 3

xo Shinna

(sorry the only long mirror i have is in the toilet lol)


Mama’s home + new kicks!

5 May

I am back!!!
I know I’ve said that a couple of times in my recent entries, but this time I’m really back for good. 🙂

I’ve been out of touch so long because of school, and thank goodness exams are over!!!!
I also have a policy(implement by me for me) that I don’t blog when I’m not working out because it makes me a bad liar if I don’t practice what I preach….Hmm.

Anyway, I just got home from my first run in TWO MONTHS.
In between, i tried to walk more, take the stairs but they’re not enough compared to getting adrenaline in my body and all pumped up from a kickass workout.

I feel sluggish as hell and I’ve accumulated a big round of redundant fats that really, should have gone to my ass and boobs.

Summer’s here and i’m stoked to get myself bikini-ready for Phuket in July.
Its gonna be real tough, and mentally pressurizing too now that i’ve said it out loud.
Whether you wanna tone up, lose weight, prepare for a photoshoot, sashay in a bikini at the beach etc, set a realistic goal, plan your exercises and follow them religiously.
Diet is also really important! (Really tough i know when you’re living in the land of awesome food)

Who’s in with me to get fit for summer? :p

To kick start my fitness again, I got a new pair of kicks which I’m LOVIN’.
It’s the Nike Lunarlon that has lots of cushion, and is exactly what I need for runs. 🙂
I would love a pair of Adizeros/Nike Free but it doesn’t work for me because of the old knee injury I’ve had since my 70-kilo days and the injury is here to stay for good.
As a result, my knees need extra care and protection so the pain doesn’t act up again!

New fitness equipment always gets me hyped up to work out. 🙂



This shade is closer to how it looks like in real. 😀


xo Shinna

Image 12 Apr


27 Feb

Push yourself till you can’t go any further.

And then go further.

xo Shinna

23 Feb

What matters isn’t the distance you clocked nor the time you lasted,

 your greatest accomplishment,
is getting your ass off the couch.

Keep at it, and you will get there.

xo Shinna

Climbing for the first time!

22 Feb

Last Saturday, Khai brought me out for a climb at Climb Asia and i’m so excited to tell you guys about it!
It was my first time doing it outside and i swear it’s way harder than it looks!!

This place includes rock-walls and a boulder gym.
There are many walls for everyone to get on, so not to worry about queuing to climb 🙂
All the necessary gears like harness/shoes etc are available for rental!

We made some silly impromptu videos with Khai instructing me and my afterthoughts so enjoy them and have a good laugh :p ( I fell so hard and looked super unglam also!!!! -_-)
Some pictures first 😀

Getting geared up!

What the place looks like..

At the boulder gym


I looked so awkward and seemed like i was standing comfortably half the time right!! Haha but i swear my arms are still hurting now.
(I hate my butt hahahaha)

Here’s Khai doing his thang……
He’s like a lizard omg.


Climb Asia is located at Civil Service Club, 60 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217664. Tel: (65) 6292-7701
I will certainly wanna come back again!
Ask me along if you guys wanna go ok! 🙂

After the tiresome climb, we had dinner at the rooftop of Mustafa Centre which had a great atmosphere and awesome food. :p
Hehe okay thats all folks!

xo Shinna

Happy Valentine’s Day, again!

15 Feb

Its the 15th of February and i hope all of you had a good time yesterday, single or attached, spreading the love to all your close ones and not just your other half. 🙂

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a yearly affair but everyday should be a lovey dovey day.
K and I escaped to JB(Msia) for a typical romantic date.
We had awesome food and watched a nice movie!
It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we have each other, everywhere is a beautiful place.
Make everyday Vday and appreciate each other as much as you will on the 14th of February! 🙂

Lots of love. 

xo Shinna

P.S: K treats me like a princess every single day and last night he told me i was the ‘girl of his dreams’ and i choked and spurted out all the food in my mouth and burst out laughing really loudly for like 2 whole minutes!!! :p (okay he’s gonna kill me)