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NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED: Athlete Lab – Asia’s First Virtual Cycling Studio

24 May

Ever wondered how it felt to cycle along the route of Tour De France?

Yours truly was given the privilege to hop on Asia’s first virtual reality cycling studio!

Thanks to the courtesy of Athlete Lab, they invited me to try out this very new concept, where you and your friends can ride together in the studio, enjoying a very realistic experience en route Tour De France, and many more world-renowned competition routes!

Located in the heart of the CBD on Amoy Street, Athlete Lab has branches in Sydney and Singapore.

They cater to beginners(like me!) and cycling enthusiasts with their state-of-the-art equipment and software, enabling a unique and intense workout customized for every individual!

With bikes mounted onto their sophisticated software and with just the click of a button, cyclers are able to experience every gradient and intensity of each route while watching themselves go up and down the hill on the large HD screens in the studio that are synced to your bicycle.

Virtual reality cycling is a thriving sport that is getting more and more popular the US and Athlete Lab is the first to bring it to this region!

Other than indoor multi-rider cycling, Athlete Lab aso offers outdoor training sessions for cyclists as well as triathlon racers, facilitated by the studio’s professional coaches!

I was gracefully hosted by Ji Wen, a former Singapore national cycling champion, and Eduardo, who was the Assistant National Coach for the Brazilian Olympic Team and Head Coach of Israel’s triathlon team.

With professional guidance from the best talents, you are definitely in for a one of a kind experience! 🙂

Here’s Ji wen introducing me to the equipment and prepping me!

Your progress will be monitored on the screen in the centre, and you are able to keep track of your intensity and calories burned!
And good news for the ladies, you don’t have to enter in your weight!!!
I heaved a huge sigh of relief when they told me they set a default of 68kilos for all bikes because it was ‘sensitive info’. 😀
(I’m A2)

They only use the best equipment like Trek bikes!

Asking as many questions as i can so Ji wen doesn’t realise i am pedalling Reaaally Slowly. :p -constipated face-

‘There’s the peak already!!!!’ Ji wen tells me that for the next half an hour repeatedly. Hahaha!

One of the most impressive things i’ve heard during this experience was that Athlete Lab opens as early as 6am and the coaches have to get up at 4am to report to work!
Thats true dedication and passion for the job. 🙂

After an hour on the bike and 600+ calories burned……… I AM DONE!!!

Thanks Ji wen for the informative and wonderful experience!

Also, many thanks to Terng Shing for this great opportunity, and Khairul for snapping my photos!
Do check this new place out everyone!

Athlete Lab Pte Ltd
71 Amoy Street
Singapore 069890

For more information and bookings, you may check out their website here.

xo Shinna


Best shit ever.

9 May

Your best remedy after a meal of savory fried food or when you’re constipating from too much junk!
Works like magic and it’s au naturel. 😉
I know I’ve said it before, but good stuff have to be reinforced!

xo Shinna

P.S: I’m on instagram! @shinnalim

With every sweat, you’re one step closer.

7 May

20120507-194931.jpgOperation Bloodshed: Day 3

xo Shinna

(sorry the only long mirror i have is in the toilet lol)

Mama’s home + new kicks!

5 May

I am back!!!
I know I’ve said that a couple of times in my recent entries, but this time I’m really back for good. 🙂

I’ve been out of touch so long because of school, and thank goodness exams are over!!!!
I also have a policy(implement by me for me) that I don’t blog when I’m not working out because it makes me a bad liar if I don’t practice what I preach….Hmm.

Anyway, I just got home from my first run in TWO MONTHS.
In between, i tried to walk more, take the stairs but they’re not enough compared to getting adrenaline in my body and all pumped up from a kickass workout.

I feel sluggish as hell and I’ve accumulated a big round of redundant fats that really, should have gone to my ass and boobs.

Summer’s here and i’m stoked to get myself bikini-ready for Phuket in July.
Its gonna be real tough, and mentally pressurizing too now that i’ve said it out loud.
Whether you wanna tone up, lose weight, prepare for a photoshoot, sashay in a bikini at the beach etc, set a realistic goal, plan your exercises and follow them religiously.
Diet is also really important! (Really tough i know when you’re living in the land of awesome food)

Who’s in with me to get fit for summer? :p

To kick start my fitness again, I got a new pair of kicks which I’m LOVIN’.
It’s the Nike Lunarlon that has lots of cushion, and is exactly what I need for runs. 🙂
I would love a pair of Adizeros/Nike Free but it doesn’t work for me because of the old knee injury I’ve had since my 70-kilo days and the injury is here to stay for good.
As a result, my knees need extra care and protection so the pain doesn’t act up again!

New fitness equipment always gets me hyped up to work out. 🙂



This shade is closer to how it looks like in real. 😀


xo Shinna

Vote for me!

2 Aug

I entered this contest.

If i’m somewhat inspiring to you even in the smallest way,

Vote for me please?

Just click the link below and the next few simple clicks are self-explanatory  🙂

Thank you with love!


Broke but Happy.

31 Jul

Meet my new BFF –

the iPad 2.


30 Jul

Ask me anything here! :B

and anonymously if you choose on

I’ll give you my take in my blog entries. 🙂

♥x, S.L