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Best shit ever.

9 May

Your best remedy after a meal of savory fried food or when you’re constipating from too much junk!
Works like magic and it’s au naturel. 😉
I know I’ve said it before, but good stuff have to be reinforced!

xo Shinna

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For the Jetsetter: TIP OF THE DAY – HEALTH

13 Dec

Its the holiday season!
Most people would take this chance to head out of town for a short getaway 😉

Whether you’re basking in the glorious sun in Gold Coast or sinking into the warm embrace of the springs in Hokkaido,
always remember to keep a look out for your health too!

Some of us suffer from travel constipation whenever we’re overseas,
so here’s a tip that could perhaps relieve that worry!

Usually, i bring along a bottle of Prune Juice whenever i’m away, because the change in climate/environment/food would clog up my system.
Even if you forgot to, it can also be easily found in any major supermarkets. 🙂
Its natural and tastes pretty good, and takes effect almost immediately!!!
(Yep, its that potent so make sure you’re near a VACANT restroom)

Sadly for me, i will not be heading anyway this festive season but rather snuggling in the comforts of my warm fuzzy bed in chilly Singapore that can’ 🙂

Have a kickass holiday!!!

xo Shinna


14 Jul

For past decades, the rise in affluence worldwide have put pressure on food supply and farmers have gone to extreme methods just to put food on plates.

Pesticides have been greatly overused, splashed all over our staple food,
Every Single Day, we are consuming these unnatural ingredients that could render harm to our bodies.
Unknown to most, as statistics are rarely publicized,
The ugly truth is, it is existent in almost all of our fruits and vegetables, which are vital to keep us healthy.

Little do we know about the distressing effects of the long-term consumption of pesticide-induced foods, which is scientifically proven to be linked to health problems to the nervous system toxicity, cancer, hormone system effects, and irritation of skin, eyes, and lungs among them.
A recent study also proved the link between ADHD in children and consumption of pesticides.


Celeries for example, have been tested to be 95% contaminated, with 13 different chemicals and 67 different pesticides.
Unless we go organic, it is almost impossible to abstain from these tainted food completely.

I uploaded a pdf file of list of foods shared by, that you can print and keep it with you.
You can download a wallet size copy of it here.

My mum used to tell me that things that are not visible to the human eye are the most powerful,
Like Wind, Electricity, Airborne diseases, Higher-power. (arguable of course but you get the flow)

You can’t differentiate an organic apple from a non-organic apple.
And things that we can’t see, are the most deathly when it hits us.

I urge you to note this down, share it with your family and friends, Mums and helpers, to be conscious about foods that we consume, to eat better and enhance the wellbeing of yourself, and people you care about.

♥x, S.L

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22 Jun

Eat Shiitake Mushrooms!


Shiitake mushrooms have been used in Chinese herbs for more than 6000 years?

It protects our heart against cardiovascular diseases?

It has anti-cancer benefits?

Its a good source of dietary fibre?

It tastes Mad awesome Sauteed?!?!?!

When preparing these mushrooms, you don’t wanna expose/wash it in water for too long as it will become soggy and loses it ‘smoky’ taste.

Actually, all mushrooms are good and each have their nutritional benefits.
They are fat-free, low in cholesterol and sodium and even lesser in calories!

(This does not mean you can keep eating Shrooms Burger from KFC okay)

♥x, S.L

TOTD – Health

26 May

Drink Green Tea.

I swear by it.

I drink it Every.Single.Day. – 1 sachet, 2 cups.

It Burns Fats, lowers cholesterol, fights cancer and heart disease, prevents diabetes and stroke yada yada……

Green Tea is just friggin’ awesome ok?

My top secret to get those abs showing.

Don’t tell others, make it seem effortless…

Haha 😛

♥x, S.L


20 Feb


Low-fat is not equals to No Fat.

They probably add loads of crap in there to still make it taste good.

Most low-fat foods have tonns of sugar i.e Yogurt!
Choose carefully when you’re at the grocery store..
Check out the nutrition label before you buy any of those.. 🙂

♥x, S.L
15 Feb

Having horrible muscle aches?

Load up on food rich in Vitamic C, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium etc!
(i shall spare you the technical terms and just tell you what they are)
There are actually lots of food that help to heal those cramps but here are the more common ones you can easily find:

Dark green leafy Veggies
I like banana cos it helps to relieve muscle aches and at the same time, it is a good carbohydrate to consume that energises me enough for an effective workout.
I also like food that only consist of one ingredient. Like banana only has banana in it. Less complicated and you know all that unnecessary chemically processed stuff are not inside it 😉
These food are packed with vitamins, and of course doesn’t only benefit you in ache relief but are all nutritious too!
The recommended intake of fruits and veggie a day is about 5 servings..
But the more the better!
90-95% of the food that i consume everyday is fruits, veggies and grains.
I eat mostly fish and lean meat like Turkey and Chicken for the remaining 10%.
My preference for less meat is not because of just trying to be healthy.
You don’t have to be like me. 60-40 would be good enough to start off 🙂
I sorta just want to contribute to environmental conservation as much as i can.. *shrugs*
Okay i’m not going into that topic, its a personal choice!
(It sorted hit me after watching a documentary on where our food came from, and i never looked at Chicken the same way again. You can look it up! )

Update: The shoes are a-okay. I have broad feet so the sides are hurting me a little..
Not unusual.
But the cushioning of my landing is pretty good so i have no other complaints!
The shipping cost for the resistance bands i ordered from the US is $60!! *Heartpain*
I ordered a set of 3 and didn’t know they would weigh up to 5. something kilos. Boohoo Oh Well….
My knees are hurting really badly cos i overexerted myself 2 days ago.
That resulted in an extra day of rest before i could train again.
My extra effort backlashed 😦

Lesson learnt: Be your own trainer. Don’t keep pushing yourself when you know your body is already at its limit.
Modify your workouts but keep the intensity!
But, don’t use it as an excuse Okay?

♥x, S.L

P.S: Oh and i hope everyone had a great Valentine’s 🙂