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I eat char kway teow and satay too.

10 Jan

Firstly, i do not know how to start off this post.
In my head i’m thinking, how should i put it across tactfully and less shamefully to announce that i gave up on Insanity?


Well, i gave up.
By the 3rd day, i was completely worn out and immobile and there was no way that i could get myself in workout attire and push the start button.
(It was so horrid i wanted to cry every step i took down the stairs.)
I have never experience such excruciating muscle aches before, nor feeling so inferior ever since i started getting active.
For the next couple of days, i was really upset that i gave up on this program half way(at the start technically speaking) and it’s not something i usually do.
It made me question my mental endurance and if, i’ve really let it all go.

It took me awhile to sort my thoughts.
And here’s what i concluded:

  • I gave Insanity a shot, but its not for me. My body has not reached that fitness level and i’m not ashamed to say that i failed,
    And if you did it……….. SALUTE.
    You have my ultimate respect.
  • I wasn’t enjoying the workout and just thinking about it stresses me out like a final exam. So i thought to myself,
    Why continue doing something when you’re not happy doing it? (The world is already gonna end in 2012!!!!! ok no just kidding ;p)
  • Then, it started to make more sense that i stop.
    I would rather run, lift some weights, do some cross-training workouts with awesome music.

I’m no longer that crazy girl who works out every day of the week.
Its not sustainable and truth is, exercise is not what i do for a living but a hobby and it makes me relax after a stressful day.
I still work out hard, but i remind myself to strike a balance and be happy.
Instead, i work out 2-3 times a week( or as much as i can without forgoing anything), go for runs and treks that include my friends, blast some workout music and just go crazy in the gym.

Looking back one year ago, i neglected school and i’m not proud to say i failed 2 modules because i prioritized my workouts first and thus did not dedicate enough time for school.
And, i was a total wreck mentally. (I was so uptight with everything, push a button and i will explode.)
I’m still suffering the consequences of it, by having to slog my guts out the next 2 semesters and improve my grades so as to avoid getting kicked out of school.

Well, I learn.
At every point of my life, and every mistake i make.

Whats important is being active and healthy.
I maintain my shape and i stay fit, i may not be as lean as i was before but i’m certainly much, much happier. 🙂

I like mee pok and i eat it when i feel like it. (Nope nothing comes after this)

I’m not ripped. That little(or not so little) flabbiness around my tummy keeps me sane. :p 

Okay time for school and a date with my resistance band later. 😀

xo Shinna

 P.S: Just in case you’re wondering, no i’ve not ballooned to an unrecognizable state.

P.P.S: You can check insanity out here  if you’re game for a 60-day hardcore, kickass, and a run-for-your-life workout.


Dear diary.

5 Dec

Hey its me again.

Lately, i’ve lost my drive to work out and i’m feeling like crap about it.

Last night, K mentioned that i haven’t been updating my blog for a while now, and it got me a little uptight because i’ve been avoiding the issue and telling myself that the adrenaline to pen my thoughts down will come, Soon.
I was in denial, just like i’m in denial that i’ve lost my motivation to exercise.
Blogging and working out comes hand in hand for me, I get inspired to write when i’m mentally pushed to my limits while dealing with a certain obstacle.
I never knew of this day, this sluggish, aimless phase that the self-perceived strong woman i am will concede to.
I’m a lost sheep in the woods.
Its never all sunshine and rainbows for me, and while i continue to search for that beautiful feeling again,

This sucks.

xo Shinna

You are size zero and delusional, get out of my life.

4 Nov

This is probably gonna sound familiar…….

You: I feel fat. I need to lose weight. 😦
Person X:  Oh nonsense! You look fabulous! You don’t have to lose any weight at all!!

Person X who is 2 sizes smaller than you carries on basking in glorious transparent clothing and posting pictures of themselves on social networks, rambling about how fat he/she looks saying they look like a big fat hippo. (a hippo is already big and fat so a big fat hippo is…?)

And you’re like WHAT THE….?!!

Look at me, i have concave boobs, 3 spare tyres, and my arms!!!! They’re the size of tree trunks!
(COME’ON COMPLIMENT ME ALREADY. Person X trying to gather assurance that he/she is FAR from looking like the hulk)

Seriously, SERIOUSLY.
Talk to my hand.

Arent these people A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G?

If they are already skinny as hell and still need to shed some pounds, you’re thinking, then aren’t i morbidly obese or what?
People who really feel insecure and have body image issues obviously wouldn’t publicise half naked photos of themselves or even use them as display pictures while exclaiming that they look like shit.

If you really look like crap, then why in the world would you wanna use it as your avi?
Or even announce to the world that your thighs are huge?
We all have eyes to see. 

Sometimes, this negative energy is really the last ‘encouraging’ thing you need when you’re really having issues with body image. At times, we really do have emotional and psychological issues to deal with and we probably need sane advice, such as how to cope with it and what to do, rather than hearing person X use reverse psychology on you.

I have issues with parts of my body that i’m not happy with like my thighs and waist etc & I also just got home from my first run in 2 weeks and hence the photo above, and i have been feeling all crappy and insecure for the past 2 weeks. But i don’t ramble about it because i know logically, its not that big a deal and i know people like me will be so annoyed AT ME.

There are people out there who are depressed and really have problems with their weight so don’t make them feel worse already.

If there is a Person X around you, steer clear.
They are hypocritical and will only make you feel bad about yourself.
Definitely along the way we will meet such people and there won’t be just one or two, perhaps Many.

On another note, there are some things that we cannot change like the shapes of our body and our proportions. Embrace it and don’t let what others say affect you. I have bigger thighs but i already did my best.

If others still wanna pick on you, Screw them.

them off.

xo Shinna

I’m the new black.

5 Oct

Its dark brown but its gonna be black first because my blonde base will make this colour fade.
Haven’t had black hair in 2 years, its gonna take some getting used to. 😛

What do you think?
Black or Blonde?
Kim moh(golden hair) or just-be-asian-la?
Haha, okay toodles!

xo Shinna

19 things(you would never know) to mark my 20th.

27 Sep

Yesterday, i turned 20.
The day that i’m no longer a teen, and i can’t order a soda float without getting weird stares.
I thought i would write something personal,  apart from the fitness junkie you thought you knew. 😉

19 things that you wouldn’t know:

1. I shouldn’t be alive.

When my mum was in labour, the umbilical cord went around my neck thrice and was left undiscovered until 4 hours later, after many attempts to push me out via natural delivery.

2. I came from the chute.

When my mum woke up after her delivery, she thought they placed the wrong kid in the cord.

3. I have gold poop.

When i was 2 months old, i crapped on my Dad’s hand and he struck the lottery – $22,500.
(I have a photo as proof :P) 

4. I could spell hippopotamus when i was 2.

And read the whole set of Winny The Pooh stories and the chinese storybook ZhangLiang when i was 3.
(Obviously forced into it :P)

5. I thought horny was an instrument.

When i was 7, my entire life revolved around the Best ’99 CD. I could memorize the lyrics to every single song on the disc and apparently, as recounted by my siblings, i would lock myself in the room and scream the song ‘I’m Horny’ to no end.

6. I walked into a glass door.

When i was 9, i dashed into a transparent glass door with no sign on it, just a silver handle that i was oblivious to. It shattered completely and i had my knee and left index knuckle pierced through. 12 stitches altogether and the ones on my right knee, i call them cockroach and beetle.

7. I dislike reading. But i like the thought of it.

(Actually i hate it)
I have the shortest attention span in the whole wide world.
‘Get to the point already!!!’

8. I’ve had an asshole surgery.

You probably know of this if you read this entry. I’ve had 9 piles and went to a sinseh and undergone a 45-minute down-to-hell-and-back-no-anesthesia surgery.

9. My favourite superhero movie is Batman.

I just thought i should include this.

10. I’ve had parrots my whole life.

People usually have dogs, cats and fishes but parrots are my thing. I’ve had 2 African Greys, the exotic Scarlet Macaw and 2 Amazon Parrots. I had Giogio for 7 years and he passed away in March. (His name is also my tattoo) Now, my love is solely dedicated to this guy, Joojoo. (He’s a Yellow-Naped Amazon!)

11. I write blog entries like a script.

I told you i hate reading. I always imagine myself talking to someone when i’m blogging. I actually look quite foolish reciting every single thing that i write just like what i’m saying

12. I want to open a green-tea everything shop.

Or just own one. I think the combination of green tea and red bean is the world’s best concoction.

13. I fear frogs and clowns are second place.

Whats the deal with red lips-orange-hair-white-faced monsters?
Nothing. Its.not.funny.

14. I’m actually very awkward in person.

I don’t mingle very well…. its kinda the old self-esteem thing.
I think i make a better virtual friend.
Its like, i could be dressed in a singlet and grandma undies and you’ll still think i look like the nice picture on the right. LOL.

15. I’m a quarter Peranakan.

Hey, thats like the coolest claim to fame lately after the Nonya show. My grandma used to converse in Malay frequently in the old days and i picked the language up as a kid. I can type broken Malay and speak some basic Malay. I sometimes get mistaken as one when i have my never-ending fake eyelashes on too 😛

16. I’ve stuck to the same 2 friends for the past 8 years.

And i think i’m very blessed to have them – YY and Shuz. (They gave me a wonderful surprise last night, outside my window :))

17. Engineering was the last thing on my mind.

I didn’t even know what it was, or what it meant a week before i chose the course, but funny things happen and your calling comes knocking when you least expect it.

18. Writing wasn’t even on the list.

I was never the linguistic person. I hated compositions and stupid stories. So writing a blog like this and actually loving to write was never what i expect enjoying.

19. Receiving a nice message from you(readers) makes me the happiest person!

Thank you if you have written me one, i’ve received a couple heartfelt ones over the past months and i really appreciate all of them. 😀

And thats all. 🙂
Have a great week!

xo Shinna


23 Sep

You know, i did alot of stupid things before this blog so Damn right i know whats stupid.

I could list you a million things i’ve done in times of desperation.
(Now who wants some of that?)

There was this one time that i was so busy with school and i drove all the way home to fit in a work out in between lessons, and home is kinda 30 minutes away by car.
Feeling all heroic and satisfied i tweeted about it saying –

‘Drove home just to work out and back to school again! D E D I C A T I O N.’

My friend replied,’Your car run on water ah? S T U P I D I T Y’.

Thanks JT.

So yeah…… that was one of those things.

I’m also guilty of working out at 1130 at night and had my neighbour banging her wall against mine. Ooops. 😛

I think one of the worse kinds of silly things would be having your friends compromise because of you.
Perhaps occasionally its okay,
But when you’re a health freak all-year-long, its kind of a turnoff and people don’t like it.

Duh, imagine every single time its ‘Hey, so are we having Subway or Salad?’
They have to be considerate else you won’t eat and you won’t be happy and you affect everyone else.

I came to terms with that and i’ve stopped doing it.
Initially, when i was shedding the pounds, my friends understood and accommodated.
But subsequently when i’ve reached my ideal size, i learnt to let go.
I let myself indulge when i’m with friends and i work out harder the next time.
(On a side note, my birthday is in a few days so MORE indulgence to come 😛 )

Still, many times i’ve drifted off course but no one has ever told it in my face.
So i’m telling you now.

Don’t Be Stupid lah.

Be it working out or being a health freak,

Too much of a good thing is bad, because too much is simply Too Much.

xo Shinna on the iPad!

17 Sep

Thanks to WordPress’s brilliant design of its blogs on the iPad,
Here’s a look of how my blog looks on the iPad when you surf on Safari.

After a swipe of the front cover, it turns like a page in a book and entries are featured like this!

You can even add a quick access icon on the home screen by clicking ‘Bookmark’ then “Add to Home Screen’, and it will look like any other apps, as seen above!

Totally digging it and i added other blogs to my home screen. 😀

Btw, i wonder if anyone of you noticed that my logo of the rose consists of my initials S,L? 🙂

Thank you WordPress!

xo Shinna