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25 May

Back from a run and feeling……… like a duck face.

xo Shinna

P.S: Love my new t-shirt from Bangkok 😀 Only 180 baht cheap cheap (7sgd)


Climbing for the first time!

22 Feb

Last Saturday, Khai brought me out for a climb at Climb Asia and i’m so excited to tell you guys about it!
It was my first time doing it outside and i swear it’s way harder than it looks!!

This place includes rock-walls and a boulder gym.
There are many walls for everyone to get on, so not to worry about queuing to climb 🙂
All the necessary gears like harness/shoes etc are available for rental!

We made some silly impromptu videos with Khai instructing me and my afterthoughts so enjoy them and have a good laugh :p ( I fell so hard and looked super unglam also!!!! -_-)
Some pictures first 😀

Getting geared up!

What the place looks like..

At the boulder gym


I looked so awkward and seemed like i was standing comfortably half the time right!! Haha but i swear my arms are still hurting now.
(I hate my butt hahahaha)

Here’s Khai doing his thang……
He’s like a lizard omg.


Climb Asia is located at Civil Service Club, 60 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217664. Tel: (65) 6292-7701
I will certainly wanna come back again!
Ask me along if you guys wanna go ok! 🙂

After the tiresome climb, we had dinner at the rooftop of Mustafa Centre which had a great atmosphere and awesome food. :p
Hehe okay thats all folks!

xo Shinna

Happy Valentine’s Day, again!

15 Feb

Its the 15th of February and i hope all of you had a good time yesterday, single or attached, spreading the love to all your close ones and not just your other half. 🙂

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a yearly affair but everyday should be a lovey dovey day.
K and I escaped to JB(Msia) for a typical romantic date.
We had awesome food and watched a nice movie!
It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we have each other, everywhere is a beautiful place.
Make everyday Vday and appreciate each other as much as you will on the 14th of February! 🙂

Lots of love. 

xo Shinna

P.S: K treats me like a princess every single day and last night he told me i was the ‘girl of his dreams’ and i choked and spurted out all the food in my mouth and burst out laughing really loudly for like 2 whole minutes!!! :p (okay he’s gonna kill me)

Happy Lunar New Year!

23 Jan


So excited to celebrate Chinese New Year!
As you can see, i chopped off my hair.
A new look to welcome the new year :p

Have a great one my fellow chinese friends!! 🙂

xo Shinna

I eat char kway teow and satay too.

10 Jan

Firstly, i do not know how to start off this post.
In my head i’m thinking, how should i put it across tactfully and less shamefully to announce that i gave up on Insanity?


Well, i gave up.
By the 3rd day, i was completely worn out and immobile and there was no way that i could get myself in workout attire and push the start button.
(It was so horrid i wanted to cry every step i took down the stairs.)
I have never experience such excruciating muscle aches before, nor feeling so inferior ever since i started getting active.
For the next couple of days, i was really upset that i gave up on this program half way(at the start technically speaking) and it’s not something i usually do.
It made me question my mental endurance and if, i’ve really let it all go.

It took me awhile to sort my thoughts.
And here’s what i concluded:

  • I gave Insanity a shot, but its not for me. My body has not reached that fitness level and i’m not ashamed to say that i failed,
    And if you did it……….. SALUTE.
    You have my ultimate respect.
  • I wasn’t enjoying the workout and just thinking about it stresses me out like a final exam. So i thought to myself,
    Why continue doing something when you’re not happy doing it? (The world is already gonna end in 2012!!!!! ok no just kidding ;p)
  • Then, it started to make more sense that i stop.
    I would rather run, lift some weights, do some cross-training workouts with awesome music.

I’m no longer that crazy girl who works out every day of the week.
Its not sustainable and truth is, exercise is not what i do for a living but a hobby and it makes me relax after a stressful day.
I still work out hard, but i remind myself to strike a balance and be happy.
Instead, i work out 2-3 times a week( or as much as i can without forgoing anything), go for runs and treks that include my friends, blast some workout music and just go crazy in the gym.

Looking back one year ago, i neglected school and i’m not proud to say i failed 2 modules because i prioritized my workouts first and thus did not dedicate enough time for school.
And, i was a total wreck mentally. (I was so uptight with everything, push a button and i will explode.)
I’m still suffering the consequences of it, by having to slog my guts out the next 2 semesters and improve my grades so as to avoid getting kicked out of school.

Well, I learn.
At every point of my life, and every mistake i make.

Whats important is being active and healthy.
I maintain my shape and i stay fit, i may not be as lean as i was before but i’m certainly much, much happier. 🙂

I like mee pok and i eat it when i feel like it. (Nope nothing comes after this)

I’m not ripped. That little(or not so little) flabbiness around my tummy keeps me sane. :p 

Okay time for school and a date with my resistance band later. 😀

xo Shinna

 P.S: Just in case you’re wondering, no i’ve not ballooned to an unrecognizable state.

P.P.S: You can check insanity out here  if you’re game for a 60-day hardcore, kickass, and a run-for-your-life workout.


1 Jan

Have a goofy one :p
Love, from Khai and I.

P.S: We are starting Insanity (a fitness workout) together on Monday.
And now that i’ve broadcasted this out loud to the whole wide world, we cannot avoid our tragic fate the next 60 days.
More about that soon! 

xo Shinna

Xmas gift ideas! for your buddy who loves working out

13 Dec

(This is secretly my xmas wishlist hehe)

I’m just kidding!
Well, here are some presents that you could get for your friend/family who loves fitness. Or perhaps someone who is motivated to lose some weight! 🙂

I’m also a cheapo so i wouldn’t recommend you to splurge on something REALLY exorbitant.
Okay totally kidding on the cheapo part, but save the big gift for a birthday 😀

Here goes…..

Sports towel

Resistance bands ( i love this!!!!)

Pedometer (it measures the distance you’ve covered)

Water bottle

Training gloves (for a firm grip with weights in the gym)

A diet book
Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet is the best i’ve read so far 🙂 

Well i’ll include gift ideas for the less budget conscious anyways 🙂

Sports earphones

Ipod Nano


Sports watch 

Victoria’s secret sports wear!!
Totally random but they look so hot on the models ha ha ha 

And thats all i could think of!! 😀
Any other suggestions?

So the festive period is coming……. Its time to cut some slack on your waistline and indulge for a bit 🙂
Turkeys and logcakes and candies will be haunting every corner of your eye.

Take a break and have some good fun with your family (usually involves lots of food)

I’m excited for xmas because K will be meeting my family and extended family for the first time and i’m so excited to have a good reunion with the close ones. 🙂
I hope all of you would have awesome plans for the holidays decked out too!

xo Shinna