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For the Jetsetter: TIP OF THE DAY – HEALTH

13 Dec

Its the holiday season!
Most people would take this chance to head out of town for a short getaway 😉

Whether you’re basking in the glorious sun in Gold Coast or sinking into the warm embrace of the springs in Hokkaido,
always remember to keep a look out for your health too!

Some of us suffer from travel constipation whenever we’re overseas,
so here’s a tip that could perhaps relieve that worry!

Usually, i bring along a bottle of Prune Juice whenever i’m away, because the change in climate/environment/food would clog up my system.
Even if you forgot to, it can also be easily found in any major supermarkets. 🙂
Its natural and tastes pretty good, and takes effect almost immediately!!!
(Yep, its that potent so make sure you’re near a VACANT restroom)

Sadly for me, i will not be heading anyway this festive season but rather snuggling in the comforts of my warm fuzzy bed in chilly Singapore that can’ 🙂

Have a kickass holiday!!!

xo Shinna


Launch of Life Nutrition’s Core Essential Range by WATSONS

23 Oct

Last Tuesday, i was invited to attend the launch of Life Nutrition’s core essential range of supplements! It will be exclusively available at selected Watsons stores and i’m excited to share with you what differentiates Life Nutrition’s products from the rest. 🙂

As we all know, there are millions and zillions of vitamins and supplements out there in the market…. so what makes Life Nutrition different from the rest?

A few distinct features –

  1. Life Nutrition uses Whole Foods – i.e their supplements are unlike many others in the market that are synthetically made, Life nutrition uses natural ingredients only. As a result, our body would have a high tolerance for such supplements because they are merely very efficient foods for our body.
  2. The materials used in their packaging are absolutely recyclable. They are also the first company in the world to use aluminium cans for their products and even won an award for it!
  3. Currently, Life Nutrition has only 11 products to their brand and these supplements are tailored to suit Men, Women and Children. Rather than producing many different products for different purposes, Life Nutrition actually maximises the goodness that one capsule can do.

Bryant Shu, Managing Director of Life Nutrition came down and shared with us so much about how our body needs these vitamins due to our hectic schedule. Rather than hard-selling his products, it was more of a knowledge sharing session and i thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

Personally, i was very interested to try out the Acai Berry supplement because i’ve heard so much raves about this very special berry that is packed with antioxidants, and i’m glad Life Nutrition gave me a bottle to try it out!

If you remember this post that i mentioned about how Omega 3 is important to our body, i was also given a bottle of fish oil capsules yay 🙂

What is Acai berry?

The Acai berry looks like a blueberry but just slightly darker and it is bitter in taste.
You don’t find it in grocery stores especially in this part of the world because it starts rotting within 24 hours after harvesting.
The Acai berry is also part of the Brazilian diet and it is used in traditional medicines, and is the Most efficient antioxidant amongst all fruits and vegetables.

The M.D engaging in a very passionate sharing session 😉

 An array of healthy delicious finger food throughout the evening :p
So these are the 3 bottles that Watsons and Life Nutrition has sponsored us and hopefully i will be religiously taking these supplements for a healthier better me. 🙂

You can find out more about their products at

xo Shinna


23 Sep

You know, i did alot of stupid things before this blog so Damn right i know whats stupid.

I could list you a million things i’ve done in times of desperation.
(Now who wants some of that?)

There was this one time that i was so busy with school and i drove all the way home to fit in a work out in between lessons, and home is kinda 30 minutes away by car.
Feeling all heroic and satisfied i tweeted about it saying –

‘Drove home just to work out and back to school again! D E D I C A T I O N.’

My friend replied,’Your car run on water ah? S T U P I D I T Y’.

Thanks JT.

So yeah…… that was one of those things.

I’m also guilty of working out at 1130 at night and had my neighbour banging her wall against mine. Ooops. 😛

I think one of the worse kinds of silly things would be having your friends compromise because of you.
Perhaps occasionally its okay,
But when you’re a health freak all-year-long, its kind of a turnoff and people don’t like it.

Duh, imagine every single time its ‘Hey, so are we having Subway or Salad?’
They have to be considerate else you won’t eat and you won’t be happy and you affect everyone else.

I came to terms with that and i’ve stopped doing it.
Initially, when i was shedding the pounds, my friends understood and accommodated.
But subsequently when i’ve reached my ideal size, i learnt to let go.
I let myself indulge when i’m with friends and i work out harder the next time.
(On a side note, my birthday is in a few days so MORE indulgence to come 😛 )

Still, many times i’ve drifted off course but no one has ever told it in my face.
So i’m telling you now.

Don’t Be Stupid lah.

Be it working out or being a health freak,

Too much of a good thing is bad, because too much is simply Too Much.

xo Shinna

Eating disorders.

4 Sep

Being on a diet means that we’re following a selection of food choices.
But more often than not, when we say we’re on a diet, its more like we’re starving, rather than eating anything at all.
If I could turn back the clock and be a little nicer to myself, i would have valued myself more no matter what my body is.
Of course truth’s the truth’s, we all love being thin.
But who we are doesn’t change when we get fitter or just a little chubbier.

We think that we’ll be happy and satisfied when we reach our ‘goal weight’.
That happiness never comes.
Obviously just like everyone else, I dismissed that thought when someone brings it up.

Then i realized, you can’t have someone tell you that, you gotta have to go through it before you fully comprehend what we mean when we say,

Enough is never Enough.

Where’s the ecstatic jumping for joy reaction that i long anticipated i would have?
You’ll continue to find more faults with yourself, until and only until we find peace with our body.

Get Over Yourself. (Get the two meanings?)

Its okay, i love you even when you don’t look perfect. We will work on it and get better. For myself, and because i want to be healthy, and not for the peer pressure that is telling me i’m not good enough.

If you’re:

Skipping meals, only drinking water, drooling at your friends’ food and convincing yourself that it will all pay off once the spare tyre around your tummy and love handles shed off.
You’re having a eating disorder and you need to stop.
Is it really the logical thing to do? Would you tell someone else who wants to lose weight, to do that?

Make baby steps to changing your lifestyle.
Eat an apple after breakfast, Add an extra serving of veggie during lunch, remove fried food from dinner.
Removing a huge chunk of food off your diet is not sustainable.
Be selective of what you eat and eat more of it rather than skipping meals and deprive your body from the good stuff. Trust me, it will backfire.

Don’t make drastic changes that your body can’t adapt to when you start a diet.
E.g. If you’ve been waking up at 12nn since thelastyoucanremember,
and you force yourself to get up at 6am for the next 7 days,
you’re gonna be the one hell of a pms-ing bitch.
Unless, you make little adjustments slowly, like waking up at 11, then 10 then 9.
You’ll still reach there, right?

Embrace the change your body is put through.
Over the years, our body will change because of age, metabolism, stress, pregnancy and many other things and thus,
we will never always be a certain size.

Value yourself and not just your body.
Be what you are, and not let what you are, be you.

The new Demi Lovato who just came out on her eating disorder, looking great and loving it. 🙂


xo Shinna

A Thank You To My Body « Thought Catalog

29 Jul

A Thank You To My Body « Thought Catalog.

Currently Browsing – CLEAN & LEAN Flat Tummy Fast! By James Duigan

22 Jul

Here’s a book i bought off a shelve recently, and it only took me one night to finish cos i couldn’t put it down!

The tips are absolutely in-your-face and the diet recommended is quite extreme i must say.

I wouldn’t follow strictly to it, but i will keep in mind all the health facts i got to know!
I learnt so much about food nutrition and also FINALLY realised after 19 years…….
that i’m allergic to Gluten.

After suffering from itchiness at my joints but clueless about it all my life,
‘Really? Thats it??!?!?!!?!’

Hallelujah, the million dollar mystery is finally resolved.

I did see doctors over the years who gave me creams that never worked and i also went to the skin centre and the doctor said its because i shaved(legs) and told me to shave downwards instead.
(A curse follows after this sentence but i’m keeping my blog children-friendly)
Well, i think its because my case was not life threatening nor disfiguring so no one really bothered to do tests and stuff.

Anyway, the book is worth a read if you want a flat tummy(and have discipline dohhhhhhhh)

Don’t say i never share!!!

And no, i didn’t buy it because Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gave a foreword. (Damn it)

*winks winks*

Have a kick-ass weekend!!

♥x, S.L


14 Jul

For past decades, the rise in affluence worldwide have put pressure on food supply and farmers have gone to extreme methods just to put food on plates.

Pesticides have been greatly overused, splashed all over our staple food,
Every Single Day, we are consuming these unnatural ingredients that could render harm to our bodies.
Unknown to most, as statistics are rarely publicized,
The ugly truth is, it is existent in almost all of our fruits and vegetables, which are vital to keep us healthy.

Little do we know about the distressing effects of the long-term consumption of pesticide-induced foods, which is scientifically proven to be linked to health problems to the nervous system toxicity, cancer, hormone system effects, and irritation of skin, eyes, and lungs among them.
A recent study also proved the link between ADHD in children and consumption of pesticides.


Celeries for example, have been tested to be 95% contaminated, with 13 different chemicals and 67 different pesticides.
Unless we go organic, it is almost impossible to abstain from these tainted food completely.

I uploaded a pdf file of list of foods shared by, that you can print and keep it with you.
You can download a wallet size copy of it here.

My mum used to tell me that things that are not visible to the human eye are the most powerful,
Like Wind, Electricity, Airborne diseases, Higher-power. (arguable of course but you get the flow)

You can’t differentiate an organic apple from a non-organic apple.
And things that we can’t see, are the most deathly when it hits us.

I urge you to note this down, share it with your family and friends, Mums and helpers, to be conscious about foods that we consume, to eat better and enhance the wellbeing of yourself, and people you care about.

♥x, S.L

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