Climbing for the first time!

22 Feb

Last Saturday, Khai brought me out for a climb at Climb Asia and i’m so excited to tell you guys about it!
It was my first time doing it outside and i swear it’s way harder than it looks!!

This place includes rock-walls and a boulder gym.
There are many walls for everyone to get on, so not to worry about queuing to climb 🙂
All the necessary gears like harness/shoes etc are available for rental!

We made some silly impromptu videos with Khai instructing me and my afterthoughts so enjoy them and have a good laugh :p ( I fell so hard and looked super unglam also!!!! -_-)
Some pictures first 😀

Getting geared up!

What the place looks like..

At the boulder gym


I looked so awkward and seemed like i was standing comfortably half the time right!! Haha but i swear my arms are still hurting now.
(I hate my butt hahahaha)

Here’s Khai doing his thang……
He’s like a lizard omg.


Climb Asia is located at Civil Service Club, 60 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217664. Tel: (65) 6292-7701
I will certainly wanna come back again!
Ask me along if you guys wanna go ok! 🙂

After the tiresome climb, we had dinner at the rooftop of Mustafa Centre which had a great atmosphere and awesome food. :p
Hehe okay thats all folks!

xo Shinna


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