What’s the Ideal size?

12 Feb

Looking at this photo………what do you make of this interesting find?

This photo and national statistic has been circulating Facebook like wild fire and it really bugged me.
Although there was no additional information stating which country it represented, my guess would be it represents either the US or the UK.

Before i even start with the picture, it is important to note that a US size 0 is a UK size 4.
Thus, it is easy to mistake the above sizes in the picture as US sizes, leading to incorrect statistics.

As accordingly, the girls in the photo are:

In US sizes:
In UK sizes:

With that cleared up,
How much truth do you think the picture holds as each girl in the photo is labelled as ‘Women’s ideal’, ‘Men’s ideal‘ and ‘National Average‘?

Initially, when i saw this photo, i agreed that the girl on the left was what women aspired to be, and the girl in the centre, just right.
The girl on the right is probably not the national average in this part of the world as women here are way smaller. My guess is that the national average for women in Singapore is probably US 8-10.

However, after reading many comments on Facebook, it is almost to my stark horror that most men preferred the middle girl but more, the curvy girl on the right.

What happened to the skinny girl that the media portrays as the Ideal?

Then i thought about it again, and reckoned that the pretty faces of these girls are distracting its viewers from making an objective judgement.

What about now?


Whatever your responses are, think about your perspective as a man or a woman VS the statistics.
Although the sizes of the girls are not representing our country, i think ultimately the different perspectives as a man and a woman still holds true.

Personally, i’m a US size 10 and on good days an 8.
In our country, there is a national obsession with online blogshops.
Who doesn’t love the convenience of shopping in the comforts of our own home?

Despite so, the girls that we see selling the clothes they are wearing, are on average a US size 6-small 8.

Whenever i make a purchase and receive these clothes, they don’t fit me perfectly, sometimes stuck on like a bodycon dress because i’m curvier. (and your flesh overflowing some parts of the clothing and you think you just look terrible)
It makes me kinda sad sometimes because

Literally, i don’t fit in.

And i believe i’m not the only girl feeling this way.

Seeing this photo made me take a step back.
That perhaps we might be wrong about the ‘Perfect size’.
That what we think guys like, may not really be the girl on the left, and true beauty isn’t just being stick thin.
There is no right or wrong size, nor right or wrong beauty.
These 3 women are beautiful in their own ways,

and i know it is difficult to let go of that ‘size zero Ideal’,
but i hope reading this post made you feel better.

xo Shinna


One Response to “What’s the Ideal size?”

  1. Feliza Ong February 15, 2012 at 2:41 am #

    I love this post of yours. I can totally relate to your experience of shopping online. So many hits and misses! 😦

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