I eat char kway teow and satay too.

10 Jan

Firstly, i do not know how to start off this post.
In my head i’m thinking, how should i put it across tactfully and less shamefully to announce that i gave up on Insanity?


Well, i gave up.
By the 3rd day, i was completely worn out and immobile and there was no way that i could get myself in workout attire and push the start button.
(It was so horrid i wanted to cry every step i took down the stairs.)
I have never experience such excruciating muscle aches before, nor feeling so inferior ever since i started getting active.
For the next couple of days, i was really upset that i gave up on this program half way(at the start technically speaking) and it’s not something i usually do.
It made me question my mental endurance and if, i’ve really let it all go.

It took me awhile to sort my thoughts.
And here’s what i concluded:

  • I gave Insanity a shot, but its not for me. My body has not reached that fitness level and i’m not ashamed to say that i failed,
    And if you did it……….. SALUTE.
    You have my ultimate respect.
  • I wasn’t enjoying the workout and just thinking about it stresses me out like a final exam. So i thought to myself,
    Why continue doing something when you’re not happy doing it? (The world is already gonna end in 2012!!!!! ok no just kidding ;p)
  • Then, it started to make more sense that i stop.
    I would rather run, lift some weights, do some cross-training workouts with awesome music.

I’m no longer that crazy girl who works out every day of the week.
Its not sustainable and truth is, exercise is not what i do for a living but a hobby and it makes me relax after a stressful day.
I still work out hard, but i remind myself to strike a balance and be happy.
Instead, i work out 2-3 times a week( or as much as i can without forgoing anything), go for runs and treks that include my friends, blast some workout music and just go crazy in the gym.

Looking back one year ago, i neglected school and i’m not proud to say i failed 2 modules because i prioritized my workouts first and thus did not dedicate enough time for school.
And, i was a total wreck mentally. (I was so uptight with everything, push a button and i will explode.)
I’m still suffering the consequences of it, by having to slog my guts out the next 2 semesters and improve my grades so as to avoid getting kicked out of school.

Well, I learn.
At every point of my life, and every mistake i make.

Whats important is being active and healthy.
I maintain my shape and i stay fit, i may not be as lean as i was before but i’m certainly much, much happier. 🙂

I like mee pok and i eat it when i feel like it. (Nope nothing comes after this)

I’m not ripped. That little(or not so little) flabbiness around my tummy keeps me sane. :p 

Okay time for school and a date with my resistance band later. 😀

xo Shinna

 P.S: Just in case you’re wondering, no i’ve not ballooned to an unrecognizable state.

P.P.S: You can check insanity out here  if you’re game for a 60-day hardcore, kickass, and a run-for-your-life workout.


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