You are size zero and delusional, get out of my life.

4 Nov

This is probably gonna sound familiar…….

You: I feel fat. I need to lose weight. 😦
Person X:  Oh nonsense! You look fabulous! You don’t have to lose any weight at all!!

Person X who is 2 sizes smaller than you carries on basking in glorious transparent clothing and posting pictures of themselves on social networks, rambling about how fat he/she looks saying they look like a big fat hippo. (a hippo is already big and fat so a big fat hippo is…?)

And you’re like WHAT THE….?!!

Look at me, i have concave boobs, 3 spare tyres, and my arms!!!! They’re the size of tree trunks!
(COME’ON COMPLIMENT ME ALREADY. Person X trying to gather assurance that he/she is FAR from looking like the hulk)

Seriously, SERIOUSLY.
Talk to my hand.

Arent these people A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G?

If they are already skinny as hell and still need to shed some pounds, you’re thinking, then aren’t i morbidly obese or what?
People who really feel insecure and have body image issues obviously wouldn’t publicise half naked photos of themselves or even use them as display pictures while exclaiming that they look like shit.

If you really look like crap, then why in the world would you wanna use it as your avi?
Or even announce to the world that your thighs are huge?
We all have eyes to see. 

Sometimes, this negative energy is really the last ‘encouraging’ thing you need when you’re really having issues with body image. At times, we really do have emotional and psychological issues to deal with and we probably need sane advice, such as how to cope with it and what to do, rather than hearing person X use reverse psychology on you.

I have issues with parts of my body that i’m not happy with like my thighs and waist etc & I also just got home from my first run in 2 weeks and hence the photo above, and i have been feeling all crappy and insecure for the past 2 weeks. But i don’t ramble about it because i know logically, its not that big a deal and i know people like me will be so annoyed AT ME.

There are people out there who are depressed and really have problems with their weight so don’t make them feel worse already.

If there is a Person X around you, steer clear.
They are hypocritical and will only make you feel bad about yourself.
Definitely along the way we will meet such people and there won’t be just one or two, perhaps Many.

On another note, there are some things that we cannot change like the shapes of our body and our proportions. Embrace it and don’t let what others say affect you. I have bigger thighs but i already did my best.

If others still wanna pick on you, Screw them.

them off.

xo Shinna


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