19 things(you would never know) to mark my 20th.

27 Sep

Yesterday, i turned 20.
The day that i’m no longer a teen, and i can’t order a soda float without getting weird stares.
I thought i would write something personal,  apart from the fitness junkie you thought you knew. 😉

19 things that you wouldn’t know:

1. I shouldn’t be alive.

When my mum was in labour, the umbilical cord went around my neck thrice and was left undiscovered until 4 hours later, after many attempts to push me out via natural delivery.

2. I came from the chute.

When my mum woke up after her delivery, she thought they placed the wrong kid in the cord.

3. I have gold poop.

When i was 2 months old, i crapped on my Dad’s hand and he struck the lottery – $22,500.
(I have a photo as proof :P) 

4. I could spell hippopotamus when i was 2.

And read the whole set of Winny The Pooh stories and the chinese storybook ZhangLiang when i was 3.
(Obviously forced into it :P)

5. I thought horny was an instrument.

When i was 7, my entire life revolved around the Best ’99 CD. I could memorize the lyrics to every single song on the disc and apparently, as recounted by my siblings, i would lock myself in the room and scream the song ‘I’m Horny’ to no end.

6. I walked into a glass door.

When i was 9, i dashed into a transparent glass door with no sign on it, just a silver handle that i was oblivious to. It shattered completely and i had my knee and left index knuckle pierced through. 12 stitches altogether and the ones on my right knee, i call them cockroach and beetle.

7. I dislike reading. But i like the thought of it.

(Actually i hate it)
I have the shortest attention span in the whole wide world.
‘Get to the point already!!!’

8. I’ve had an asshole surgery.

You probably know of this if you read this entry. I’ve had 9 piles and went to a sinseh and undergone a 45-minute down-to-hell-and-back-no-anesthesia surgery.

9. My favourite superhero movie is Batman.

I just thought i should include this.

10. I’ve had parrots my whole life.

People usually have dogs, cats and fishes but parrots are my thing. I’ve had 2 African Greys, the exotic Scarlet Macaw and 2 Amazon Parrots. I had Giogio for 7 years and he passed away in March. (His name is also my tattoo) Now, my love is solely dedicated to this guy, Joojoo. (He’s a Yellow-Naped Amazon!)

11. I write blog entries like a script.

I told you i hate reading. I always imagine myself talking to someone when i’m blogging. I actually look quite foolish reciting every single thing that i write just like what i’m saying out.loud.right.now.

12. I want to open a green-tea everything shop.

Or just own one. I think the combination of green tea and red bean is the world’s best concoction.

13. I fear frogs and clowns are second place.

Whats the deal with red lips-orange-hair-white-faced monsters?
Nothing. Its.not.funny.

14. I’m actually very awkward in person.

I don’t mingle very well…. its kinda the old self-esteem thing.
I think i make a better virtual friend.
Its like, i could be dressed in a singlet and grandma undies and you’ll still think i look like the nice picture on the right. LOL.

15. I’m a quarter Peranakan.

Hey, thats like the coolest claim to fame lately after the Nonya show. My grandma used to converse in Malay frequently in the old days and i picked the language up as a kid. I can type broken Malay and speak some basic Malay. I sometimes get mistaken as one when i have my never-ending fake eyelashes on too 😛

16. I’ve stuck to the same 2 friends for the past 8 years.

And i think i’m very blessed to have them – YY and Shuz. (They gave me a wonderful surprise last night, outside my window :))

17. Engineering was the last thing on my mind.

I didn’t even know what it was, or what it meant a week before i chose the course, but funny things happen and your calling comes knocking when you least expect it.

18. Writing wasn’t even on the list.

I was never the linguistic person. I hated compositions and stupid stories. So writing a blog like this and actually loving to write was never what i expect enjoying.

19. Receiving a nice message from you(readers) makes me the happiest person!

Thank you if you have written me one, i’ve received a couple heartfelt ones over the past months and i really appreciate all of them. 😀

And thats all. 🙂
Have a great week!

xo Shinna


2 Responses to “19 things(you would never know) to mark my 20th.”

  1. YY September 27, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    cockroach and beetle haha! I love your entry babe, especially point number #16 ❤

  2. Louisa Gwyneth Lau September 27, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    Nice one, Shinna!
    Thanks for sharing and allowing me (and fellow readers) get to know you a little more. 😀


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