23 Sep

You know, i did alot of stupid things before this blog so Damn right i know whats stupid.

I could list you a million things i’ve done in times of desperation.
(Now who wants some of that?)

There was this one time that i was so busy with school and i drove all the way home to fit in a work out in between lessons, and home is kinda 30 minutes away by car.
Feeling all heroic and satisfied i tweeted about it saying –

‘Drove home just to work out and back to school again! D E D I C A T I O N.’

My friend replied,’Your car run on water ah? S T U P I D I T Y’.

Thanks JT.

So yeah…… that was one of those things.

I’m also guilty of working out at 1130 at night and had my neighbour banging her wall against mine. Ooops. πŸ˜›

I think one of the worse kinds of silly things would be having your friends compromise because of you.
Perhaps occasionally its okay,
But when you’re a health freak all-year-long, its kind of a turnoff and people don’t like it.

Duh, imagine every single time its ‘Hey, so are we having Subway or Salad?’
They have to be considerate else you won’t eat and you won’t be happy and you affect everyone else.

I came to terms with that and i’ve stopped doing it.
Initially, when i was shedding the pounds, my friends understood and accommodated.
But subsequently when i’ve reached my ideal size, i learnt to let go.
I let myself indulge when i’m with friends and i work out harder the next time.
(On a side note, my birthday is in a few days so MORE indulgence to come πŸ˜› )

Still, many times i’ve drifted off course but no one has ever told it in my face.
So i’m telling you now.

Don’t Be Stupid lah.

Be it working out or being a health freak,

Too much of a good thing is bad, because too much is simply Too Much.

xo Shinna


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