Lefties are Awesome.

13 Aug

It’s August 13th which marks International Left-handers’ Day!
We’re approx. 10% of the world’s population, So we are rare and rare thing are precious 😛

Famous lefties:



And the list goes on…….

When i was in primary school, we had to learn the tambourine dance, it was taught in the hall and there were plenty of people. Everyone held it with their right hand and i was the only awkward little girl who wiggled the tambourine up and down with my left cos my right hand was puny like that.. Embarrassing and unforgettable.

Little inconveniences such as going against the flow of freshly written words and getting the side of your little finger and palm smeared entirely with ink

writing on a lecture hall seat meant for right handers (terrible, terrible backaches)

learning to use the computer mouse

cutting with scissors

door handles

using the old-school can opener(annoys the crap outta me cause its Impossible!!)

Little stuff that our right handed friends probably wouldn’t realise if we don’t say.
its not all bad……..

says Dr Oz:

“Left-handed people can deal with more incoming information that doesn’t come in an organized way.
Because of the way the brain develops when a baby is in its mother’s womb. “The left brain normally controls your right side, which is really powerful, he says. [In left-handed people], it allows the other side, the right brain, to become an equal partner. Because left-handed people can use both sides of their brain more readily, they can process information coming into their brain in different ways more easily. That’s why athletes do so well when they’re left-handed. And there are a lot of presidents who have been left-handed, and there are a lot of folks who, because they can deal with a lot of complicated issues at once, work pretty effectively”

So yay to us!

Who’s leftie tooooo?!!!!
What were your right-handed biased experiences?

xo Shinna


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