Count your blessings.

10 Aug


This somber but beautiful shot of Cameron highland’s nature is dedicated to the 7 natives who lost their lives from the landslide.
I am truely blessed to have escaped the worst despite being there when it happened.
Prayers to their families……



I plucked strawberries……


Pricked by cactuses……


Overwhelmed by organic gooey green vegetables……


Fell in love with a cute Dalmatian……

Stalked by a pregnant cat…….


Awed by this Viagra plant which is 3 times stronger than Tongkat Ali………


Saw real Cauliflower plants for the first time……..


20110810-110709.jpgLearnt about nature……..

And last but not least, I suffered a severe stomachache cos i tried the world’s spiciest chilli, which was a hybrid of India’s spiciest and US’s spiciest…….

The Naga Viper.

I consumed half a chopped slice which was 1cm in length and 3mm in breadth of this nasty fellow and it hit me like a giant monster eating up my whole stomach.
My stomach burnt and my face turned pale and i was breaking out in cold sweat.
I thought i was going to die.

But i had a banana and some water to feed off the pain and i was cool. 😛

Happy 46th Singapore!

xo Shinna


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