31 Jul

He’s 59 but his fitness probably puts most 20-year-olds to shame.

Liam Neeson in the movie Taken

The veteran actor of blockbuster Thrillers such as Taken and Unknown, recently experienced a ‘career rebirth’, making him one of the Most Wanted Actors by directors.

Despite soon turning 60, he secured regular appearances in award-winning movies, most notably action-packed films that puts his fitness to the test.

Having been a boxer in his youth, it has helped shaped the discipline he has in life.
He insists on doing his own fighting on set, and works out to stay reasonably fit.
The fighting scenes in Taken, in my opinion, was one of the best.
Age is certainly just a number, ain’t it? 

I was blown away by the movie Unknown with its great plot, and impressed by Liam Neeson’s peak form despite his age, doing all the fighting himself!
On a side note, this movie has kicked my All Time Favourite thriller movie Law-abiding Citizen to second spot.
He’s probably my favourite Irish actor. 🙂

Liam Neeson in his teens

There’s a discipline to getting up at 6, working 17 hours, and then coming home to work out.

– Liam Neeson


♥x, S.L

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