Currently Browsing – CLEAN & LEAN Flat Tummy Fast! By James Duigan

22 Jul

Here’s a book i bought off a shelve recently, and it only took me one night to finish cos i couldn’t put it down!

The tips are absolutely in-your-face and the diet recommended is quite extreme i must say.

I wouldn’t follow strictly to it, but i will keep in mind all the health facts i got to know!
I learnt so much about food nutrition and also FINALLY realised after 19 years…….
that i’m allergic to Gluten.

After suffering from itchiness at my joints but clueless about it all my life,
‘Really? Thats it??!?!?!!?!’

Hallelujah, the million dollar mystery is finally resolved.

I did see doctors over the years who gave me creams that never worked and i also went to the skin centre and the doctor said its because i shaved(legs) and told me to shave downwards instead.
(A curse follows after this sentence but i’m keeping my blog children-friendly)
Well, i think its because my case was not life threatening nor disfiguring so no one really bothered to do tests and stuff.

Anyway, the book is worth a read if you want a flat tummy(and have discipline dohhhhhhhh)

Don’t say i never share!!!

And no, i didn’t buy it because Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gave a foreword. (Damn it)

*winks winks*

Have a kick-ass weekend!!

♥x, S.L


4 Responses to “Currently Browsing – CLEAN & LEAN Flat Tummy Fast! By James Duigan”

  1. lovetotrain July 22, 2011 at 7:18 pm #

    hey- interesting post. would you mind being more specific about the joint itchiness? i have something similar! I wonder if its gluten. (hope not!)

    • shinnalim July 22, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

      Hi Amy, my itch usually occur behind the knees and joints of my elbows. You should look up the symtoms of gluten allergy and find out more 🙂

  2. (: July 28, 2011 at 8:41 pm #

    Good day Shinna,

    ‘ve been following your posts and good to see you have kept up with your regime well and maintained a good shape!

    Am a male, 1.78m and 90kg having big time troubles with my tummy and face. Been jogging really regularly (i.e 4 times a week) at least for 3 weeks and eating less carbs and more proteins but not seeing much results 😦

    May I ask for tips and how much is the book and would you recommend it?

    Thanks for the trouble and may God bless (:

    • shinnalim July 30, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

      Hello there!
      you didn’t leave a name.. 🙂
      Well my advice is give your body more time to react to the changes you’ve made to your lifestyle.
      You need to calculate your bmi and know what is the healthy weight you hope to achieve and monitor it with a timeline. Set goals so that you can visualise how you want your body to look like by a certain date.
      In addition, you also have to incorporate strength training that builds muscles in order to keep burning fat.
      Its simple, when your body gets use to your jogging and you’re not increasing the intensity nor distance, it gets used to it and no longer find it a challenge. As a result, your body reaches what is called a plateau effect.
      You have to switch around with your workouts by increasing speed/intensity/distance and strengthen different muscles of your body in order to keep burning fat.
      I once was like you, clocking 20km a week but i still had tummy fats. It was until i started using resistance bands and doing strength training workouts before my body became stronger and leaner. 🙂
      Most importantly, you have to be really patient. It takes about 3months to half a year before you can see significant changes to your body. Perseverance is key!
      But No matter what, as long as you have the will to become healthier, you’ll get there.
      Don’t give up and all the best!
      xo Shinna

      P.S: my personal favourite weight loss book would be Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet.

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