14 Jul

For past decades, the rise in affluence worldwide have put pressure on food supply and farmers have gone to extreme methods just to put food on plates.

Pesticides have been greatly overused, splashed all over our staple food,
Every Single Day, we are consuming these unnatural ingredients that could render harm to our bodies.
Unknown to most, as statistics are rarely publicized,
The ugly truth is, it is existent in almost all of our fruits and vegetables, which are vital to keep us healthy.

Little do we know about the distressing effects of the long-term consumption of pesticide-induced foods, which is scientifically proven to be linked to health problems to the nervous system toxicity, cancer, hormone system effects, and irritation of skin, eyes, and lungs among them.
A recent study also proved the link between ADHD in children and consumption of pesticides.


Celeries for example, have been tested to be 95% contaminated, with 13 different chemicals and 67 different pesticides.
Unless we go organic, it is almost impossible to abstain from these tainted food completely.

I uploaded a pdf file of list of foods shared by ewg.org, that you can print and keep it with you.
You can download a wallet size copy of it here.

My mum used to tell me that things that are not visible to the human eye are the most powerful,
Like Wind, Electricity, Airborne diseases, Higher-power. (arguable of course but you get the flow)

You can’t differentiate an organic apple from a non-organic apple.
And things that we can’t see, are the most deathly when it hits us.

I urge you to note this down, share it with your family and friends, Mums and helpers, to be conscious about foods that we consume, to eat better and enhance the wellbeing of yourself, and people you care about.

♥x, S.L

Sources: Huffington Post, ewg.org


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