Sunday Morning Rambles. (PHOTOS)

26 Jun

My family and I took a day trip to Batam island yesterday, partly to celebrate my Mum’s birthday and to have a family getaway we have not had since StarCruise-and-whatever-the-horoscope-was-the-coolest-ferry-vacation-ever.

Everyone’s busy with their own lives, and it is terrible hard to find time when everyone could get together, so i’m really glad we finally did one, albeit only to an island 45 minutes away, it was a good fuzzy wuzzy snuggly ferry and coach ride. 🙂

It was also a good time for me to indulge in good seafood and street snacks, we all deserve a good pampering once in a while!

I’m slightly versed in malay after spending 8 years of my childhood with an Indonesian helper.
I think this says park your motorcycle here.
And something else. 😛

Apparently these mangoes were so yummy and my sis wants it so my Dad bought 3kg worth of it for home and who had to carry it? But of course, Yours Truly.

Here’s my most beloved, kindest and chioiest sister in the whole wide world whom i love to bits (But want to kill sometimes.)
She was also the one who bought Me, the poor college student my TurboFire DVDs so i probably wouldn’t be able to lose the weight if it weren’t for her?!

Here’s Miniature town, I think. (It was a garden of really cute tiny houses)

Here’s my legendary Paps, who’s thinner and fitter than me. (!@#$) lol
Ok, maybe not thinner but confirm plus chop fitter. He’s 58 hor!

Ended our day at BCS shopping centre and here’s a random picture of KFC’s molten cake. A sweet mouthful of delight!
We don’t have this in Singapore why!!!!

Only 5000 Rupiah!!!! Or $0.72 SGD or $0.58 USD or $0.40 EUR!!

Happy Birthday Mum 🙂

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

♥x, S.L



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