Fitness tips while you’re on your Favourite Getaway….

23 Jun

Blue Mountains, Sydney from Wikipedia

Its the great summer holidays for me and i’m heading down under next week!

While i’m having the time of my life over there, i would definitely still hope to stay active so as to keep my energy level up and be resistant to any flu bugs!

Most of us find it hard to workout whenever we’re on foreign land, and usually just forget about it completely.

As we all step up on our vacation plans this summer,

Here are some tips that you might wanna take note to keep your fitness in check whenever you’re on your dream escapade:

1. Pack a resistance band in your luggage – they are light-weight, foldable, takes up Very little space and can be used in so many different ways while giving you a great upper and lower body workout. Its the best replacement for dumbbells and weight benches while giving you an equally effective workout. (Just google resistance band workouts and i believe you can buy affordable resistance bands from Reebok at the nearby RSH, Sportslink, WOS)

2. Check if the hotel you’ve booked includes a fitness centre/facility so you could hop on down in the early mornings before you head out for your day’s itinerary! (Some airports have gyms too!)

3. Bring along a good pair of sports shoes – When we travel, we tend to be walking around alot. You want to protect your feet and be able to walk a long distance.

3. Get Outdoors! You don’t have to stick to the usual running, walking, cycling workouts while you’re on holiday. Have fun with nature – Get some fresh air and go hiking, mountain-climbing, swim in the sea, do some water-sports and make good fun out of the local sports attractions!

4. Pack your favourite snacks with you – I never forget my almonds and cereal bar wherever i go, in case i’m hungry and end up snacking way too much, especially when i’m on the plane!

5. Don’t deprive yourself of the local delicacies – Often, we’re only travelling to that particular holiday destination once or twice in our lifetime and we should indulge while we can. Just eat everything in moderation and work out harder when you’re back home 😉

6. Finally, don’t expect too much from yourself while you’re travelling. You’ll definitely not be able to clock your usual caloric output, but at least try to meet 50% of what you usually do. That way, it wouldn’t be too hard for you to catch up when you’re back. 🙂

Have a great Summer!

♥x, S.L


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