A Really(Really) Happy Brunch.

19 Jun

I was invited to LE Happiness Brunch on Saturday and it was a greaaaaaaat once-in-a-lifetime experience 😉

The quote that was attached with the menu, as seen above, sums up what the event was all about.
It reads:

‘Life is about living.
Living fully, experiencing joy, experiencing the pleasures of beauty,
of colour, of friendship, of love.

Life is also about rediscovery.
Discovering self, understanding deeply, knowing more.

The art of living is therefore knowing that the life you are building
is the life you like and love,
and becomes the life you own, cherish and colour in this lifetime.’

Beautiful words.

The Happiness Brunch was jointly organized by  LE!(Living Experience), Lins Smoodees and The Merry Men Kitchen and Bar.

It was a private event that included brunch and some creative activities that made us more aware about seeking happiness and living life.

Early birds on a Saturday morning at The Merry Men Kitchen and Bar 😉

The food was exquisitely planned and served with the best of ingredients,
Organic and yummy, Best combination or what?

The tables settings were also beautifully decorated with real flowers and candles, and each of us had our own customised area 🙂

We could doodle with all the crayons and colour pencils… 🙂

They really put in so much effort in making the dining experience unique and meaningful 🙂
Here’s the menu.

There were 4 dishes, 5 green smoothies and one delightful cocktail.
What a treat!
All the ingredients used were thoughtfully tailored to fit the theme of this event.

This dish ought to be my favourite of them all!
Yellowfin Raw Tuna and Avocado Mango Dressing.

This delicious, almost edible cocktail was a genius concoction of Green Apple Syrup, Cinnamon powder and Vodka.
This will be available at The Merry Men Bar!
I will definitely go back for more 😀

There was also an art gallery where pieces were for sale and most of the proceeds went to charity.
Therapeutic ain’t it!
The artist, Adeline Yeo, also wrote the Poem on Happy Living above. What a genius 🙂

From top left: Myself, Louisa, Adeline(from Lins Smoodees), Allison,
Robin and Marit who were from Norway!
We were holding our personalized Happy Card!

Here’s Louisa and I, and she sat beside me during brunch and she’s a Pilates instructor!
I always admired masters of such complex artforms. Incredible endurance and toned, leaned bodies…. Jealous 😛

I also met Frieda, a Psychologist, who i had a meaningful sharing session with, and what i deemed happiness was, really got me thinking for a while.

Adeline, owner of Lins Smoodees invited me to this event and i’m really glad she did because it took my mind off everything else for a while and simply focused on me.

I’m also doing a product review on her smoothies in a couple of weeks time!
More on that soon and really excited about it 😉

Unfortunately, the food on the menu are not available anywhere else because it was specially planned to the tiniest detail just for this Happiness Brunch.

Lucky me!

I’m pretty sure more of such events will be organized again and i’ll get you guys to come along!

Feeling so much love to give right now 😛

Love to all of you tonight!


Have a good week ahead!

♥x, S.L


2 Responses to “A Really(Really) Happy Brunch.”

  1. Frieda Loh June 23, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    I LOVE your blog! Thank you so much for the write-up!


    • shinnalim June 23, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

      No problem it was my pleasure! Great job done!! 🙂

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