22 May

Hello you guys!

Today i’m gonna share with you about my struggle with my weight, My entire life.

And! I’m finally gonna reveal to you my BEFORE and AFTER pictures of my weight loss journey, including results of the Awesome TurboFire, a fitness program that i have been on since Nov 2010.

This post is gonna be video entry, i reckoned that i’ve always been a tad bit repetitive, so let me talk instead!
Pictures after that, Enjoy it!

Its my first time talking to the camera for so long, hope i wasn’t too awkward and pardon my grammatical errors! 😛

How do you like my new site?

This was me back in 2008/9, when i was told i had to go for Health Camp. Boohoo 😦

(You can click the pictures to enlarge, wordpress limits my photo size, bummer! )

The 2 and a half months i was talking about…. thats how much i shrunk.

This was Before and After TurboFire! (makes me all excited )

Here are links to the updates i did in the midst of TurboFire.

Week 8

Week 12

And to sum everything up, here’s me before i started living healthy, and now.

Don’t you mess with me now. 😛

I am definitely way stronger mentally and physically now, and i have never felt so invigorated in life.
I hope my story inspired you somewhat, i have fallen a million times before i got to where i am today.
It wasn’t easy, nothing is.
I’m not done yet,
time to set some new goals.
Share with me your experiences!

♥x, S.L

Btw, you can follow my friend Alister on his blog here 🙂



  1. SL May 23, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

    Awesome post babe!!! 😀

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