Bad Days.

31 Mar
We all have crappy days.
Today happens to be one of them.

Times when you just feel nothing you do is working,
your body is fighting against you,
the weight is not going off
and the thought that keeps running through your mind –

‘I can’t do this anymore, I should just give up Now.’

Most people struggle with procrastinations, that motivation to work out….
But my problem is a rather different one, although the ending thought is the same
Give up.

There were days that i get frustrated with myself when i can’t complete a workout or when i cannot keep up with my expectations.

Tears almost falling out,
tears of anger, my intolerance with myself
thinking that i’m not doing it right.

In a bid to try and improve things, i would slap my legs,
let out a loud shriek,
attempting to push myself harder, i would Repeat the workouts,
over and over until my body fails and i couldn’t go any further.

I would just lay there, trying to catch my breath and sort my thoughts.
Convince myself that it’s okay and i have done my best.

Moments later, i pick myself back up, calm myself down and tell myself that i’m simply having a bad day,
and tomorrow will be better.

That inner voice that says, ‘You have given your all, if not more.’
Similarly, whenever you’re struggling with self-discipline or just keeping to your fitness goals,

Sit yourself down and really think through what you want to achieve and why are you doing it.

Be logical and realistic, be honest with yourself.

Progress slowly, and perform within your means.
Do your best, and not try to find short cuts.

Only you know whether you’ve done enough or if it is too much.

Every fit person have their bad days too, times when they battle with their thoughts
to either Stop right there and then, and give it all up,
or just Keep Going.

Its times like this, that differentiates the Tough and the average.
♥x, S.L

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