The Truth about ABS

20 Mar

Recently, i’ve been getting questions asking about how to get those nicely sculpted ABS!

Be it exercise or diet,
people have been asking me for the formula to those 6 packs.

Abs are probably the most desired muscles of the body because it embodies sexiness, fitness and well…

Its a Huge Turn-on. 😉

here’s the truth.
Most people don’t know this but,
You can’t work on your abdomens alone,

and there’s no ultimate exercise thats able to help you achieve those tight muscles on your tummy.
I’m sure you’re heard of many people or even yourself, who is able to do a million crunches everyday.
we can’t seem to get those abs!

Most of us are still plagued with that evil stomach fat that is covering the muscles beneath.

So how can we achieve those abs?

Its an overall effort.
You’ve gotta lower your body fat ratio and incorporate all sorts of exercise!

I don’t think you’ve seen anyone with nice abs but flabby arms and thighs…. Right?

Combining cardio training and resistance training is a must.
As much as you hate it,

Running, cycling, swimming….
all forms of cardio exercise that helps you burn fat gotta be done in order to reduce the fats in your body before you are able to finally sculpt those muscles.

Lifting weights are just as important because building muscles will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your exercise.

Eat healthy, drink loads of water and get enough sleep.

There’s no two ways about it.
We all have abs but they are just hidden!

After you have gotten rid of those fats, doing crunches and abdominal exercise will help build up those 6 abs.
Have at least one rest day in between your abs exercises!

Here are just some exercises that you can try to get those nice abs!
Do a few sets of each and as you get stronger, modify your exercise to fit your fitness level.
I’m not a fitness trainer, so here are just some recommendations and you have to try them out and see how it works best for you. 🙂

Elbow Plank

Hold your body up horizontally and leaning only on your elbows,
hold this position for 40 seconds, repeat the set and gradually increase your timing.
Your arms should be quivering and until you feel that way, don’t let go! 😉

I’m really perspiring…….. can barely make it.

You can modify this exercise and make it tougher by leaning your hips from side to side.
Lean your left hip near to the ground and that switch to leaning your right hip near to the ground.

Your abs should really feel this exercise!


Think about the exercise when you’re doing it, don’t just go through the motion.
Make sure that the centre part of your tummy (rectus abdominis) can really feel it every single time you crunch!

Bicycle crunches

This is an advance version of the basic crunch.
With your hands behind your head, you simply have your elbow touch your opposite knee every time you crunch.
You will feel the muscles from both side of your abdomen working!

This exercise can be further modified by adding resistance.

Resistance bands are like weights, they make the exercise tougher because it is now harder to to stretch your legs out.

Leg lifts

Lift both legs high up to a 90 degrees angle, before lowering them down, almost touching the ground and then repeat.
This should take only a couple of reps and you’ll feel the strain!


This traditional exercise never fails!
Girls you can always lower your knees if you’re starting off.
But as you get stronger, you will definitely be tough enough to do push-ups the guys way 😉
(i know, i look like i can barely hold up anymore! )

Okay so these are the few exercises that i have for you!
Now some random pictures.

I think that my face in the second picture is asking to get beaten up and i look like i have a cock in the third picture. Ha ha ha!

Anyway today is also the end of my 4th month so just a sneak peek to my semi-formed abs! 😉

Not there yet, but almost!

Ok thats all for now i hope you like this post that i took a painstaking amount of time to do up 🙂

♥X, S.L

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