Goodbye my love…

13 Mar

About 3 hours ago,

someone very close to my heart passed.
He was the one i loved the most in the whole wide world,
my parrot Gio Gio.

He struggled with his sickness for almost a month before he passed away today.
He had a really bad flu and had troubles breathing.
We brought him to the vet, but Giogio refused medicine and kept spitting everything that was given to him.
We did our best and cared for him everyday, but his health took a turn for the worst this morning.
I hadn’t heard his joyful tone for a long time, and i never will anymore.
My baby boy, left this world peacefully, to a better place.
A part of me is glad that he doesn’t have to suffer anymore.
Giogio is a yellow-crown Amazon parrot.
I had him since i was 13, and it was one of the best days of my life.

He was the one thing that i was most proud of,
partly because he was a unique pet,
and also because he fascinates everyone that has met him, and warms our hearts.
Every day when i come home from school or work, he would be excitedly welcoming me and greeting me at the top of his voice,
‘Gio Gio!’
he calls me.
“Hello-are you?” , in a delightful voice.
Gio gio is his name, but perhaps thats how he recognises me, since i call him that all the time.
He loves music, and gets into a trance whenever he hears someone singing.
Whenever my mum sang ‘Oh Suzanna’ to him,
he just wouldn’t stop turning himself around like he knew the beat to the music.
Even when he was ill, and was irresponsive to anyone who spoke to him,
but whenever he hears a song, you could see that glimmer in his eyes,
that eagerness to join in.

He taught me to love.
He embraced everybody’s presence.
His unconditional affection for everyone who came along, talking and entertaining them with his bag full of tricks.
His unlimited vocabulary, and his playful mocking of our coughs and sneezes never fails to put a smile on our faces.


Giogio was a smart and witty parrot.
He’s territorial and it is unbelievably hard to gain his trust.
I cannot describe how that is, but there was just this very humanly instinct that he has.
He knew who was good and who was bad.
My previous helper was quite harsh to him, cause he was really noisy and she scolds him all the time.
He remembers it,
so he flies into a rage, spreading his wings and was determined to snap at her toes whenever she came round.
Like he just knew, what we were thinking, or what we were gonna do.
I cherished the 7 years that i shared with him,
i told him i love him everyday and i know he loves me too, although he doesn’t know how to say it.
I always believed that he was someone important to me from my previous life and we were fated to meet.
This bond that i shared with him is unique and i guess its near impossible to find someone else or a pet that can replace that.
We watched him go,
and with his final breath, he struggled one last time and cover his head with his feathers, like he didn’t want us to see him die, but i saw him eye to eye one last time,
and then the breathing stopped and he stopped moving.
We buried him at the highest point of a little hill at a garden near my house,
back to nature, somewhere that he belonged.
He’s at a better place.

Here’s videos of him from 5 years ago.

I couldn’t bear to touch or see his dead body because i didn’t want to remember him that way.
To me he will forever be that lively little bird, and his voice echoes in my head whenever i think of him.
I love you so much my friend,
Thanks for the memories.

♥X, S.L

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