8 Mar

Here’s a few reasons why people hate working out:

How many of you cringe whenever you hear the word NAPFA, or 2.4? That miserable time of the year which we are put through during our teens…..

Lack of time
You have a 9-5 job,
you have school, projects and endless workloads,
At the same time you are also spending hours on the computer and tv after your busy day.

Its really, learning to prioritise and planning your schedule, making your workouts non-negotiable like your other important appointments!

Negative image of exercise
The only thing you remember about the last time you really exercised…. was you failing your 2.4 despite huffing and puffing your way to the finishing line.
You see a million people sprint past you, and you can’t feel more defeated.
‘I hate running!!!’

Slow results
You are impatient,
Exercise takes too long to show results and thus you go for the ‘easy way out’.
You turn to pills, laxative and what nots instead, which claim to help you shed the pounds without exercise.

Gym memberships are expensive. Exercise equipments are expensive.
Running around your neighborhood or cycling around East Coast Park doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket….right?

Lack of Support
Its hard to be motivated when you are on this journey alone.
Definitely more fun if your friends join you in your workouts!

You want to lose weight but that drive in you isn’t strong enough to get your butt moving.

Some tips to turn hate into loveeeee β™₯β™₯

Find something you enjoy
Dance classes, water sports, ball games….etc
There are plenty of choices out there!

Set goals
Visualise your dream body
Buy smaller clothes
Picture someone you look up to and have that photo with you all the time
Start small like abstaining from fried food, and gradually increasing your intake or healthier choices
Aim to improve your timing or number of reps and write them down!

Be a morning exerciser
Makes a huge difference to the energy you have throughout the day.
You’ll feel rejuvenated and all hyped up!

Have a partner
Meet your buddy at the gym
Motivate each other and make sure neither one is slacking!
Sign up for spin classes with your best friend (so at the same time you can catch up with your gossips πŸ˜‰ )

My best friends and I signed up for some bollywood dance classes together last summer, we had a rockin’ time and a real good sweat! πŸ˜‰

Reward yourself
Buy yourself a new shirt, a pretty dress, a new bikini
A new bike or new shoes!

Chart your progress
Monitor your progress at the end of each month and note your improvements!
When you see results, you just want to do more and more and More.

Try a mind body approach
I love yoga and stretching!
It makes me feel so peaceful, at the same time my body gets strong and it also strengthens my mental endurance.

Abandon the all-or-nothing approach
I used to take extreme approaches to workouts and dieting.
Its either i eat as much as i want and Not workout at all, or i workout as much as i can and not eat.
You have to learn how to balance!
Its okay to indulge once in a while, because you know you worked out.
The all-or-nothing approach cannot be a long-term solution.
You’ve gotta learn how to let exercise and dieting be incorporated into your lifestyle and Not the Other way around.

I adapted this article and you can read the experts’ thorough breakdown HERE. πŸ™‚

P.S: Thanks for all the love! I appreciate all the emails and messages you sent me, they are all so encouraging. Work out hard you guys πŸ˜‰

β™₯x, S.L

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