Inspiration of the week – Sofia Vergara

6 Mar

Have you caught Modern Family?

Today’s Inspiration of the week features Sofia Vergara, and she’s my favourite character in the show!
Its an amazing comedy serial btw, go watch it if you haven’t, IT IS SOOOOO FUNNY. 🙂
Sofia Vergara who is of Columbian descent, gained fame from the show Modern Family.
She acts as the hot and young Columbian second wife of her husband who is way older than her, and her trademark in the show would definitely be her thick Columbian accent.
But of course, voted as Shape’s sexiest body in Hollywood,
this bombshell also has a body to die for.
According to her interview with,
she does Pilates, spin classes and she changes her workout routines all the time.
She loves desserts but she also eats lots of fruits and vegetables!

‘Its all about balance, you can’t just stop eating Forever.’

Sofia Vergara

♥x, S.L

One Response to “Inspiration of the week – Sofia Vergara”

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    Magnificent! (As usual. 😛 )
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