6 Mar

I was reading the Straits Times on Friday and i literally yelped “HURRAY” when i read this article.

Its about scientists finding a new way to measure the obesity scale.
They came up with the BAI -Body Adiposity Index
Basically, instead of using BMI which is Body Mass Index that uses height and weight ratio,
the BAI uses the ratio of your height and hips to gauge whether you are too fat or too thin.
I am absolutely in support of this new measure.
*Standing Ovation to the brilliant person who came up with this new measure*
I think that the BMI is absolutely rubbish.
A muscular person may share the same bmi as with an overweight person just because they share the same height and weight.

How is that in Anyway a Fair test?
We all know muscles are heavier than fats, and being heavier doesn’t mean you are unfit and certainly not overweight!
(This is probably Personal Because,
Yours Truly has never been in the acceptable range of BMI )
Okay i admit, initially i used being muscular as an excuse to shun being labelled as fat.
Any how, even when after i got fitter, i am still heavier.
BUT i know i am no way a fatty bom bom!
So i think the BMI measurement SUCKS.
But to give some credit, the measure did differentiate between overweight and obese.
I think obese is above BMI 28?
But whatever it is, to me overweight is BAD enough and it literally means obese.
Especially for Girls, it is such a traumatising thing to be labelled that way!
Labels labels labels, i mean This is society.
That aside,
i hope the BAI replaces the BMI asap……


♥x, S.L


One Response to “I’M OBESE….NOT!!!”

  1. failed fat lady June 20, 2011 at 4:59 am #

    Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

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