5 Mar


Wow, i haven’t really blogged in like two weeks and i really missed this space 🙂

How is everyone?
Have you been good?
(you know what i mean)
I’ve been so packed with papers after papers and i still have another one next week so can’t wait for it to be over.
7 more weeks till school ends i can’t wait!
just to give you a rough idea of how my schedule’s like and how i incorporate my workouts.
Just so you know,
i live and breathe exercise so i’m kinda crazy like that 😉
On Tuesdays for example,
my lessons starts at 11am.
630am: Wake up
645-815am: Workout (10-15 mins extra time for dilly dallying)
815-930am: Getting ready and breakfast
930am: Leave for school!
I wake up 3 & a half hours before school because i want to do alot of things!
Firstly, work out is a must.
Breakfast is important and i never fail to have my regular milk and cereal everyday.
I then sit around for 30-45mins or so as the food digests. (then i will do my business heehee)
I also need to read the newspapers.
I feel uneasy without reading the Straits Time everyday, like i’ve lost touch from the world.
Takes me about 45mins and thats done together while i sit around and my stomach churns.

It is always good to stick to a routine.
Understand how your body functions.
Like i know when my shit comes so i work around that. (HAH, No but seriously)
If you had piles like i did, you know how important that Shit is.
If my lesson is at 9 or 10 am, my workouts would then be in the afternoon after i come home.
I don’t mind either timings (morning/afternoon) but if given a choice i would much rather mornings.
Best way to start off your day really!
But i realised that i’m not as energised because my body is still cold from the night’s sleep and it takes a longer time for me to get warmed up.
So its really up to you!
In the afternoon/evening, you might also be tired from your day’s work, and procrastination will be the bitch.
Either ways, working out is never easy.
Its all in the mind!
Tell yourself what you want to think and you can do it 😉

♥x, S.L

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