1 Mar

Allow myself one Cheat Day a week!

Do you know, having a day of the week that you simply allow yourself to eat whatever you want is actually good for you?

The start contrast in your diet will actually confuse your metabolism, making it work harder than ever!

Be stingy every other day of the week, but reward yourself on the weekends, like Saturday, when you meet your friends and family at dinner gatherings.

Enjoy yourself and really Eat.
Its a mental torture if you have to monitor your diet all the time, i know 😦

Let go of that
‘I need to lose weight so i can’t have anything fried, meat or starch’ mindset.

Eat together, laugh together and really have a good time. 🙂

♥x, S.L

P.S: Sorry for the lack of updates, i’m havings exams! Promise i’ll be back updating more after Saturday 🙂 xxx

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