Week 12 Day 83 Update

19 Feb

Hello you lovely people.

Sorry for the lack of updates, i’ve been busy!
But workout for me was as per normal!
I just finished my 3rd month of my Turbofire fitness program and here’s an update!
Its been a looooooooong journey and i’m glad i made it this far.
Compared to Week 8,
perhaps its not so obvious visually, but my fitness has improved a mile.
I can jump higher, punch harder, stretch further and so much more.
My flexibility is crazy too, compared to when i first started off.
But of course, i’ve had bad days too.
The hardest part to rid off is our tummy and it will take so much more time, patience and endurance compared to other parts of your body to finally have those beautiful abs.
EVERYONE has abs, but its just the layer of fats that we gotta burn off to finally see them.
I’ve made progress though i’ve still got like 5 inches to burn to finally see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’
Nonetheless, I will huff and puff my way there no matter what!!
If you remembered my previous post here, i mentioned that i have a rectangular shaped body.
Do you know yours?

I actually folded up my top to look like a sports bra.
The fabric looks pretty good still, right?
Ha ha, perhaps a new design, Adidas.



The ‘cuts’ on my arms and shoulders are getting more visible too!

Here’s a ‘suck in’ and ‘no suck in’ photo.
So much difference right!! (At least 2 inches)
You can see lines at my pelvis area that kinda outlines my tummy fats…..
Well, i don’t want to paint you a beautiful picture and think that fitness is that easy and you get everything at one go!
Some areas are just more stubborn than the rest, like your tummy, butt and thighs that takes much more dedication.
Weight loss is never a smooth sailing journey.
But if you’ve managed to achieve your goals,
Trust me,

I hope i’ve inspired you somewhat.
Get moving,


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