TOTD – Health

12 Feb


There are 3 types of rice that are common in our food.
White rice, Brown rice and Basmati rice.
(Basmati rice is the thin long grain that is commonly used in local food such as Nasi Briyani!)
Rice is a big part of our diet in Asia and as a staple food, we probably consume it almost everyday.
It is good for you as it regulates your bowel movements and is a good source of carbohydrate which is low in fat.
However, the rice that we commonly consume is White Rice, and with the layer of bran removed, it has lost much of its nutrients which are beneficial for our body.
switch the rice that you consume at home to Brown Rice!
Brown rice is the same grain we consume, just that the layer of bran is intact.
That layer of bran is where all the nutrients is! It is a rich source of fiber, and contains many other nutrients that white rice do not have.
It lowers the risk of colon cancer and minimizes cancer causing substances.
The only drawback is that it may not turn out as fragrant as white rice when cooked,
and definitely taste different,
(i remember my brother violently protesting when we decided to switch to brown rice a couple years back)
It’ll take some time to get use to the new taste but is certainly better for your health.

♥x, S.L

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