TOTD – Health

8 Feb

You know the feeling when you get really hungry at night before bed time,

and you can’t help but give in to the temptation of that Cornetto’s chocolate ice-cream cone in the fridge, which you don’t know why it seems to go really well with the show you’re watching…..
then start feel guilty about it because you know that its not healthy to eat too much when its time to go to bed.
Well, its not practical to starve yourself.
You’ll probably survive it the first or second time.
But if you constantly have these hunger pangs, you gotta find a way to resolve it, Right?
So instead, replace those junk food with something else.
Have an apple or an orange instead whenever you get those hunger pangs when the clock strikes 9,
(i’m sure most of you have tons of mandarin oranges leftover from CNY 😛 )
So at least those calories would leave your body unscathed when they get digested, rather than storing themselves up in your thighs.
Its good to refrain from eating an hour or two before bedtime so your tummy is relatively empty when your body shuts down to rest.
If not, don’t be cruel to yourself.
Eat if you have to, but be mindful about it, Okay?
Have a good Tuesday!

♥x, S.L

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