New Kicks on the block!

8 Feb

I went shopping for new shoes today and i couldn’t wait to show them to ya!

I bought a pair of Nike Air Max Cross Trainers to replace my good ol’ Adizeros which have served me well.
Check them out!

They look so pretty to me i can’t bear to wear them.
This is my old pair of Adizeros which i am ashamed to say that i have worn them
for a year…………….
And a half.
It’s a torture to my feet.
I have been slipping and falling,
and slipping and falling,
And Slipping and Falling
for the past month because the soles are totally worn out.
They are running shoes and you should never wear them for too long.
( I used them this long because i ran irregularly and this pair of shoes have been kept in the shoe cabinet for weeks at a time so technically speaking i did not fully utilise them for the full year and half….. BUT STILL)
Decided to try Nike out because i’ve always been using Adidas and this pair seem to look pretty good.
I got them for $119, and its belongs to Nike’s Mid to High range model.
Good enough for me.
Never be stingy when it comes to sports shoes, you gotta prevent yourself from getting hurt,
so invest in a good pair!
Word of advice:
Keep running shoes for about 5-6 months depending on your usage.
If you run frequently like 3-4 times a week on uneven ground, replace them every half a year.

Running shoes loses its effectiveness in protecting your feet after that and you could potentially sustain injuries.
I’ve switched to cross trainers because i now work out at home or in the gym so running shoes are no longer applicable to me.
Cross trainers are suitable for people working out in the gym, doing aerobics or exercises with lots of lateral(sideway) movement involved. It provides more support for your multi-directional exercises.
I would strongly recommend Asics for running shoes. 🙂

RIP Adizeros.
Having new gym attire/equipment always makes me really excited about working out!
Its one of the ways i motivate myself..
Getting new sports wear, shorts and even socks gets me all hyped up 🙂
I just bought resistance bands over Amazon and i can’t wait for them to arrive next week!
Can’t wait to try my new kicks out and i’ll drop a note then telling you how it is!

♥x, S.L

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