For the Ladies……

6 Feb

How many of you, like me,
have looked up to girls like these, and work your butts off just to Try to be somewhat close?
Our butts are either too big or too small,
our boobs too small,
our shoulders too broad,
our thighs too thick etc….
We’re never good enough.
No matter if you’re tall, short, fat or thin,
you’re brainwashed to think that SIZE ZERO it seems has been what women dream of having.
The perfect set of boobs, perky ass and washboard abs.
The elongated, lean, tight and tann body, has been the Standard,

The ultimate fantasy for men and even women.
I was just doing gender studies in school last semester and something i remembered coming across is that,
Women look at women with a narcissistic gaze.
In simple words
Women want to be them.
The narcissistic gaze make women try to become the model they see in the media.
But here’s the Truth.
This Body?

Not everyone can have it, because we are all born differently.

We’re born with genetically different body shapes which is something
Some of us have a Ruler(rectangle) body, pear shaped or hour glass.
And FYI, most of the pictures of models you see have been heavily photoshopped and obviously,
Liquified and thus they seem to have a seamless, flawless body, no wrinkles or spots whatsoever.
does that deem us Hopeless?

What i’m trying to say is just that
No matter what shape you are, EMBRACE IT.
I am not just talking about bigger girls, but even girls who are really thin and also dream of having a curvy body.
We can still look our best be it apple-shaped, pear-shaped or whatever fruit shape you are.
Don’t let what is given to you define you.
Make it work.
Don’t lose hope just because you’re genetically bigger and you can’t look like Giselle Bundchen.
Don’t lose hope just because you don’t have a perky butt and big boobs and let it make you feel less than the rest.
Stop being mislead by the images you see in the media having the

‘SIZE ZERO or nothing mentality’
Ultimately, of course,
(You know i would be coming to sooner or later)
The bottom line is none other than

Work out!
Love yourself and start living well and not resort to diet pills or binge eating to get to that size.
Whatever shape you are, love it and make the best out if it.
There are many women out there who do not have the overrated hour glass body but still appeal to masses.
Here are some examples of really gorgeous girls who work out to be at their best shape despite their less than perfect body shapes.

Cheryl Burke

Keira Knightley

Kim Kardashian on the right


Gwen Stefani
Jessica Lowndes from 90210 ( I think she is SO gorgeous! )

Confidence is Sexy.
So what if i don’t have boobs?
So what if my ass is huge?

Embrace your body!

♥x S.L

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