TOTD – fitness

1 Feb

Most people tend to forget that weight loss takes time, a long time.

It can take up to weeks or months before you see a significant reduction in your weight or a change in your body.
Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and it takes alot of determination, perseverance and patience.
Many give up half way because they feel that their efforts are not paying off.
It did not take you a week or a month to put on that 50kg,
it took you years of your bad eating habits to have put them on gradually.
Similarly, it will not take a week or a month to lose that weight off,
you gotta give yourself 6 months to a year provided you put your heart and soul into changing your lifestyle.
Some of us take longer than others,
but it doesn’t matter,
cos as long as you are striving for a betterment of your health and your fitness, its better than none.
Even some exercise is better than laying on that couch.
10 minutes, 15 minutes, they all count.
Your hardwork will pay off, and when they day comes that everyone starts complimenting your new fabulous shape,
i assure you, it is the greatest sense of achievement you will ever feel,
from all that sweat, aches and tears you put yourself through, and especially the temptations that you said NO to! 🙂


♥x, S.L

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