Jack Lalanne

25 Jan

Today we pay tribute to Jack Lalanne, the founder of modern fitness, and the man who made exercising a national obsession in the States.

He passed away recently at the age of 96.

Lalanne designed the world’s first leg-extension machine, and contributed to many breakthroughs in the fitness world.

An excerpt from this interesting article by Men’s Health about Jack Lalanne

Jack Lalanne on nutrition:
“Look at my Corvette, a `98—one of the finest sports cars I’ve ever had. Would I put water in the gas tank? Well, think about the crap people put in their bodies–white flour, sugar, all this processed food. It’s just like using water for fuel.”

Read it here
We happen to share the same birthday,
and he’ll definitely be one of those icons i think about on that special day every year.

Remember this: your body is your slave; it works for you.


♥x, S.L

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