Another excuse to not work out? Try again.

24 Jan

Tsotomo Tosaka was 74 when he won the bodybuilding championship back in 2009.

The usual excuses like –
‘I’m too tired’
‘My back hurts’,
‘I think i’m having a flu’,
‘I don’t have time’
‘I’ll do it tomorrow’
are put to shame when you see how he did it.
Think again if you’re gonna procrastinate because of whatever reason you can find.
He is more than 3 times my age but probably has more discipline than any of us do to get to that shape and physique.
If Uncle Tsutomo can do it, so can you.

The next time you’re gonna hold off going to the gym, think about 74-year-old Tsotomo Tosaka.

♥x, S.L

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