Whats for dinner?

22 Jan


This is what i’m having tonight – Salmon Bento that my brother bought for me from Tamako.

There’s so much in this box – Grilled Salmon, Fried Tempura, Rice, Egg mayonnaise and potato Salad, Fried Gyoza, Mixed vegetables in gravy and Edamame

Its delicious! I particularly love the egg mayonnaise and potato salad.

I’m a big fan of Edamame too(green vegetable on the top left) – it is a great source of protein, fiber and essential fatty acid. It can be served hot or cold, i like mine boiled with a dash of salt 🙂

It is alot to eat and of course,
it didn’t come free,
I balanced it out with a great workout today.



This is a pushup with side planks exercise.

Great for working the shoulders, arms and tones your tummy!
You can add intensity to it by doing tricep pushups instead…

I swear by the 4th rep your hands would be shakinnnngggg already 😉

(I actually only wanted to do this workout for pictures but turns out my arms and shoulders are aching so bad right now cos it took me long enough to get a normal shot without my face looking weird.. Ha!)

I did an hour of cardio and strength training and 10 full minutes of stretching 🙂

Stretching is very important for exercise because it prevents your body from getting cramps and aches after a workout.
People tend to always forget to stretch!

So thats all i have for now….

Have a great Saturday night you guys 😉

♥x, S.L


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