H&F Essentials – Food Journal

20 Jan

The best way to keep track what you eat is to keep a food journal!

It could be a workout journal, or both, whichever works for you 🙂
My food journal is also my workout journal and it is also my personal diary. (hence the wordiness behind each page when you see below)
So basically everything goes in there.
I paste pictures of people who inspire me and whatever useful information i can find..
For your food journal,
Note down everything that you eat,
that extra 200 calories from those cheesefries and 300 calories from that chocolate milkshake will be forgotten if you don’t.
It all adds up!
Writing down what you eat makes you a conscious eater.
It works with the subconscious mind, because you won’t want to write any ‘bad’ stuff down, hence you will exercise some self-control 😉
Here are some snippets of the food journal that i kept since 2009..
There’s a ‘poem’ that i created then, which i wrote on the first page of my journal, which is also the header for this site.
I wrote down reasons why i should diet and workout.
It probably sounds quite silly.. but it works for me!


It reads :
To attract, for love
To seduce, for sex
To impress, for career
To breathe, for life
To live, for happyness

Don’t laugh, the part about seduce and sex is abit ‘errrrr…….’
It was suppose to be for my reading only.


So this is how i write my food journal everyday.
I indicate breakfast, lunch and dinner and then at the last part, i write my output
Water can actually be left out because it has no calories!
E.g – 6km Run 40 mins = 450calories and/or
Stationary Bike 30 mins = 240 calories
Strength Training 30 minutes = 400 calories
TurboFire 60 mins = 500 calories
Write down everything you consume, do not cheat yourself and pretend to leave anything out! ( I know, because i’ve done it )
Instead, allow yourself to a 150 calorie snack a day.
This is equivalent to a Macdonald vanilla ice cream, 2 packets of Pocky. etc
If you worked out hard, then you can have more!
Do not impose a strict no fat no sugar or no sodium diet.
Sooner or later, you’ll give in and start binge eating again.
(I know, because i have done it too)
I reward myself from time to time with delicious local food, about once or twice a week..
or if i really want to,
i cut myself some slack for lunch (the damage is reduced because you still have the rest of the day to burn )
Side-track: My current rave is Paper Thosai!! (The one at Casuarina and Nee Soon’s Prata Place is bloody awesome! Who wants to go for some please ring me )
I won’t be too one-sided on my posts, because its not realistic.
We are real people with cravings!
The green paper i stuck on on the left is the nutrition guide from subway that they gave out in 2009.
I love SUBWAY!
(Selectively of course, they too have very fattening sandwiches like meatball marinara and Tuna )
I usually eat Subway Club, Turkey, Chicken Breast or Ham.
I ought to be awarded the Life-time VIP Subway membership card.


I can be pretty harsh to myself.
This is a bad example – DO NOT LEARN.
I heard this quote from somewhere –
People get fat not because they eat too much food, but because they eat the wrong food.

According to the above example,

I ate too little for the day.
Considering my Repairs, thats quite alot of calories burnt, so i should consume about 1700 calories so that i am fully energized.
If you don’t eat enough, your body tends to not be able to perform at its peak since there’s not enough energy, leading to substandard workouts!


I am pretty funny huh..?

A reminder that i should never give up half way…

Usually happens when i indulge in something sinful, like Laksa, Char Kway Teow or Hokkien Mee …
and i feel bad so i just gave up for the day.
Don’t do this too,
instead, learn from your mistakes or
give yourself another reason to work out harder tomorrow!
To end off here’s a little tip..
Eat all you want, just don’t eat mindlessly!


3 Responses to “H&F Essentials – Food Journal”

  1. Anonymous January 20, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    >I like the "reasons". Seems more like quotes though.

  2. Shinna January 21, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

    >Thank you! 😉 I put quite abit of thought into it, I hope they were somewhat motivational like they are to me. 🙂

  3. WEIQI January 23, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    >Hey!!To attract, for loveTo seduce, for sexTo impress, for careerTo breathe, for lifeTo live, for happynessI like that!!!Didn't read the rest of the entry though. It will only make me feel bad about myself hahaha.Great job babe!

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