Update: Week 8 Day 52

19 Jan

Here’s the update of my fitness progress!

On the 29th of December 2010, i set on a journey of becoming fitter and healthier, and aim to incorporate a new routine into my life.

I will tell you more at the end of this regime in May where i will reveal my story- How and why and who got me started, as well as (very)embarassing Juicy ‘Before’ photos and ‘After’ photos when i’ve completed 🙂
3 more months to go before the final ‘showcase’ 😉

I am already feeling much stronger, healthier and energised.
In fact, it keeps my life in check too.
I follow a strict routine and i think twice about the choices i make, be it food or late night outs.

My metabolism is on overdrive and i am constantly hungry!
For the first time ever, i feel muscles building at places i never had before – abs, shoulders and even my thighs
It feels…….Empowering
and it motivates me to carry on.

Its been almost 2 months, and here are the visible changes :

(sorry about the masking tapes on my mirror, it just got fixed up)

My jeans are now loose and i no longer have to unbutton or unzip to wear it… Its now slip on jeans!

It’s probably the one and only thing that annoys me when i shed the pounds – ill-fitting jeans!! Looks terrible don’t they! Time to get new ones………boo




Its probably not very obvious but my arms are toner and i have muscles in my back….My Back!
I actually have hulk-like photos that i took but its look too scary to be uploaded, maybe if you specially request to see it 🙂


Thats it for now and i still have a long way to go……. 12 more weeks.
Till then……..

‘Push yourself until you can’t go any farther, and then go farther.’

♥x, S.L

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