TOTD – Health

19 Jan

Load up on those Omega 3 capsules!

What is it?

Omega 3, is a type fatty acid that is beneficial to your body.
(I won’t go further into the technical terms)
It is said to lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke and prevents the clotting of blood.
Other than consuming capsules, food sources such as Salmon, Soy beans, fish oil, vegetable oil(canola, flaxseed) and Walnuts are all rich in Omega 3.
I love Salmon,
so if you love sashimi too, good for you!
Another excuse for you to drop by the nearby sushi restaurant ;P
The one that i’m taking everyday is from melrose organic, its’s organic flaxseed oil and i pop 2 capsules a day.
250 capsules costs $43.00
Definitely don’t come cheap, but its definitely a good investment for a healthier you
Such capsules can be bought from most pharmaceutical stores, brands such as Ocean Health carry them too… 🙂
♥x, S.L

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