1 Jan

>The church bells just rang at 12nn, signifying the 1st of each month..

Just this time, it also welcomed the start of a new year.
2010 flew by in a fleet and I had plenty of good times,
some bad,
but more, stupid.
A few memories that I held dearly to me –
I received my A level results which were pleasantly surprising and I made everyone around me proud cos’ I made it to University!
My days at Dan Ryans as a bartender where i met so many amazing people.
Its been half a year since i left but i still keep in contact with a couple of them and these friendships certainly went a long way.. With most of them located all around the world now.
(Believe it or not, Sam, Julian and I share a true platonic relationship. I know some of you asses out there would think they paid me as their escort or something ?! )
I had my first holiday with my girlfriends to Bintan and it was an unforgettable experience which definitely brought us much closer, much stronger.
I went to college at Singapore Management University which i spent a meaningful 3 months knowing many friends and skills that cannot be taught inside a classroom. Although i’ve switched a school, i never regretted attending SMU as the experience was priceless.

I got my driving license
(A confession i have to make – i have not put up my Probational Plate since i passed, only the first time i drove and its been 3 months but i still can’t be arsed to do it 😛 )
A fabulous birthday spend watching Kumar, thanks to the brilliant idea of my best friend Baba and the company of the clique. I honestly have never felt That happy on a birthday 🙂
I bought an Iphone and a Blackberry and ultimately my stand is ……
BB is stil da shit!
New Year Resolutions :
Eat less meat and move a step closer to becoming a vegan
Never let emotion overcome logic
Be less fickle-minded
Save more money
Use less paper
Cherish my second chance and work really hard in college so that it brings me closer to my Dream
Lastly and most importantly,
Live life.
How about yours?
♥x, S.L

2 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous January 2, 2011 at 3:11 am #

    >"Never let emotion overcome logic"- http://www.amazon.com/Descartes-Error-Emotion-Reason-Human/dp/0380726475just my 2c

  2. Shinna the Great :O January 2, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    >Looks like a great read.Thanks 🙂

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