19 Nov

>I am so upset today because I gained half a kg this week!! 😦
I’ve been working out hard as per normal but the weight still piled.
I thought long and hard and reckoned its because I’ve been sleeping really late like 3am and waking up only at 1030am the past few days. And hence, skipping breakfast as by the time I finish working out it would be like 1230 already!
This resulted in me having serious hunger pangs throughout the day and late into the night! So I end up eating more at night and less in the morning.
Breakfast is very important and I guess I only understood how it really affects my body now.
I will start afresh tomorrow and start getting my sleeping cycle back on track!
Fortunately, I did lose 2kg in 3 and a half weeks so I’m pretty please. And that is done without me having to sacrifice delicious food or starve myself!
Okay this post is damn bo liao but I just needed to let it out!


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