20 Sep

>I ain’t a fan of changing anything comfortable in my life.

I hate getting used to something different, i’m grounded, safe and i don’t like taking risks i don’t have faith in.
Either ways, i’m unyielding.

If i do set my mind to change or achieve something, i will do it and i never.look.back.
I suspect i’m born with more testosterones than the average girl.
(Thats what they say about girls who are hairy and i am!)
Cos I’m such a feminist that sometimes i can’t stand myself.
I set such high standards for myself that if i don’t achieve them i beat myself up over it.
I struggle with this identity, not biological though, more of psychological.
I don’t know if i want to be more undaunted or more tamed.
I seem to build this unbreakable wall around myself to give an impression that i’m independent, boisterous and relentless.
I have my fantasies about being a subservient lover too.
I like to be taken care of but i don’t want to put that out to people.
I don’t know, I’m hard to please.

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