29 Aug

>Yesterday I bought some body scrub from a shop at marina square and the salesman was a lovely Israeli boy who sold me the product with his amazing analogy of relating to a woman’s insecurities. From pushing him away and insisting i was in a rush, he just turned my intentions around and made me listen to him. I was completely bought over when he talked about being with someone you like and he touches you and it feels like…… Ok not in detail. Anyway, he was such a genuine person and I had a pleasant time conversing with him. It was purely friendly.
Then, our conversation was hijacked by his manager named N and he started rambling about how beautiful I was (like they always do to all their customers)
Then it came to a point that he just went on and on and on and onnnnn machiam he never see girl before.
I have never met someone so siao before.
But nah I know it’s completely sales talk.
Then he abruptly just takes my phone while I was using it and rings his so he got my number.
He told me he wants to see me and bring me to universal studios and invites me to his israeli house party.
Come and pick me up and bring me out for Jewish food (sorry but I like my mee pok dry with extra hiam)
Bring me to casino and pay for the $100 (then he figures I’m underage)
After I left he text me somemore say he think about me the whole time and say I’m amazing and call me baby(?!??!) fuck la I know you v well meh
I don’t know sound like some porn advertisement.
Kei siao 12mn miss call me somemore.
Damn annoyinggggggg but I know he’ll stop after a while.
Still abit crazy freaks me out.
Haha but.
I will never date him because the last one that majorly broke my heart, that lifted me up and dropped me flat on the ground was Israeli. ( it wasn’t his fault we just belonged to 2 different worlds and he wasn’t gonna stay here. Like a tragic love story – met on the streets on my birthday and he ask for my number and before that I made some stupid wish in front of everyone and two hours later he appears)

I’m long over him but it’s a good memory.
But I ain’t dating you Jewish boys anymore.
Your English is terrible like I won’t brake your heart and hi gorges (lol)


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